House in the forest: which style is better to choose? 230+ (Photos) of privacy and comfort. And what will you like?


A house in the forest suggests a calm, measured life close to nature. The main task of construction, design of such houses is not a contradiction with the surrounding forest environment, but an attempt to become part of this system. This applies not only to the external facade, but also to the distinct features of the style inside it. The house must be adapted to all amenities of a person, providing standard living conditions. Learn about the features of construction, complexity in construction. And most importantly which is better to choose the style. Everything further.

Content of this article:

  • Features of construction
  • Open space
  • Sizes and design
  • Difficulties in construction
  • Forest house design
  • Hi-tech style
  • Country style
  • VIDEO: Beautiful options for houses in the forest
  • Conclusion
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 230 photos)
  • Features of construction
  • Open space
  • Sizes and design
  • Difficulties in construction
  • Forest house design
  • Conclusion
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 230 photos)
  • Features of construction

    Houses in the forest are mainly located far from civilization, where, stepping a couple of meters to the side, the outlines of the forest begin. So, the traditional garden, flower beds can be located next to the forest greens. This can be called a great advantage of the free planning of such structures, when there is a smooth and imperceptible transition to nature.

    Natural greenery is located chaotically, which requires making the yard simple, but geometric in shape. To make the house a hut forester, which is simply surrounded by trees and grass, it is necessary to emphasize. Under natural conditions, all things must be reliable to live. Buildings can be made of wood, stone. It will look simple, close to nature, and reliable. Paths near the building can be laid out of rough stone.

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    Open space

    From the bustle of the city, noise, prying eyes inside the apartment and the houses close the windows with curtains. But, staying inside the house in the forest does not require this, on the contrary, the openness of space is welcomed here. Curtains, curtains will only darken the room, and prevent the penetration of light rays.. Forest plants, trees provide natural darkening of the space.

    Natural greens are placed randomly.

    The design of such housing is different from the classic cottage or home in the city. In this regard, the construction of the forest has the following features:

    • For greater access to light, the windows are large and wide. If they open, it will be a big plus.
    • Lack of noise insulation. Natural noise does not have an overwhelming effect on humans.
    • Thermal insulation is required if the house is used all year round. This is due to the fact that the resources of imported heating are limited.
    • Whenever possible, all window openings are made transparent with sliding sections. This slightly complicates the design, but later it will look very interesting. In addition, it allows fresh air and sunlight to penetrate inside the house to the maximum.

    Lack of sound insulation

    In such a building does not need to limit and close the personal space. Unlike the city, here the only neighbors are the forest and its inhabitants, and they are much nicer than stone structures and the flow of cars, people on the street. In addition, the lack of curtains on the windows visually increase the room.

    Depending on where it is located, it is still possible to hang role curtains and curtain rods for additional protection. If a strong wind blows in the direction of open windows, it will bring dry leaves and branches with it. For this purpose, outside constructions can be installed to protect windows, but this is optional.

    It is important to consider all the features.

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    Sizes and design

    Designs inside and outside should be distinguished by simplicity and maximum approximation to naturalness in form, color range. This is facilitated by the environment, this design is the most successful.

    In such cases, the windows make large

    Using only natural materials, environmental friendliness is improved.. In addition, the simplicity in the design can cost less. By the design of such housing perfectly fit simple in shape, reliable and rough doors, windows, and pieces of furniture. Here you can add various items of metal, forged products, ceramic, wooden utensils. But everything should be in moderation.

    But a house located in the middle of a forest needs an economical allocation of resources. Unlike cities, there is a limit for heat, water, electricity. And it depends not only on the financial condition of the residents, but also on the physical capabilities. Therefore, houses are made light and modest in size.

    Home decoration should be simple and convenient.

    Thanks to the tight integration with open spaces, accommodation can be arranged profitably and economically.

    If possible, all summer buildings should be used, or as a storage for things, or in another way. You can make a separate exit from the kitchen, dining room to the terrace, having issued here a summer area for relaxing, eating. All doors and windows must be made wide and as large as possible.

    Option of a country house from a bar

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    Difficulties in construction

    The main difficulty in the construction of a house in the woods - flammable. Light, warm, wooden houses are at risk of fire. The forest itself is subject to the appearance of its own fires. Any fire in this area is capable of rampant. Therefore, you should protect yourself to the maximum:

    • Provide on the territory of sufficient reserves of water, sand to extinguish the fire.
    • Build lightning rods.
    • Cut down all the trees that are near the building.

    Profitable and economical place all

    But, even having secured oneself with these methods and observing all the important fire safety rules of such buildings in the forest zone, one cannot completely protect oneself from this misfortune, there is some risk.

    An important disadvantage of building a house will be the delivery of materials to the right place. This also applies to sending builders, control over the process of building a building. The territory is located away from all external communication systems, so it can cost more. And since there is no permanent power supply, it will hardly be possible to get by on our own.

    It is better to protect yourself, remove nearby trees.

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    Forest house design

    Houses in the forest are more often used as temporary housing, for a weekend or a vacation. This is because it is difficult to make a comfortable entrance to such a house, and it will take a lot of time. In addition, if the building is designed specifically for such purposes, it will not require the contribution of significant resources to maintain it in the right condition.

    Plenty of space for additional buildings.

    The most profitable will be the construction of a simple construction of a country house, with one complex and a gable roof. Inside such a house there is no detailed planning of the rooms. This has the following advantages:

    • Minimum finance for construction.
    • To heat and ensure the construction will be easier.
    • Such a construction will create a visual effect of the fact that a person is among the simple, natural, natural conditions.

    Minimum finance for construction

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    Hi-tech style

    This design is selected for people who go with the times. This style can look strict, even hard. It is suitable for those who do not like pomposity in design, various figures, statues and other decorations on the facade of the house.

    Hi-tech forest home can be described in the following paragraphs:

    • Only simplicity and severity, nothing superfluous.
    • The combination of light with space.
    • The basis of style is functionality.
    • Only simple shapes and straight lines.
    • Minimum of decorative details.
    • Use of space to the maximum.
    • The presence of elements of cubism, constructivism.
    • When designing a house using high technology.

    Simple and functional high-tech home

    Among the materials can use:

    • concrete;
    • metal;
    • glass;
    • plastic;
    • plaster;
    • sometimes a tree.

    The facade of the house is decorated with more severe, cold colors. For example, white, black, silver, metallic.

    Minimum decorative items

    Since the design of the facade does not use bright colors, the emphasis is on lighting. They can use large stained glass constructions or install windows with a height from the floor to the ceiling.

    In order to free up space in the house, functional elements are used, for example, an elevator is installed, as well as ventilation pipes that go outside.

    The facade design does not use bright colors.

    Inside the house make out the same shades. The building must be filled with new built-in appliances, glass partitions, floor, ceiling. Inside this house you can feel the comfort and rejuvenate after a hard day's work.

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    Country style

    Country style is very interesting, it carries past and present. Each country has its own image. Common are Russian, French and English. They will be well combined with the environment.

    Classic one-storey log house

    Rustic style can be described as follows:

    • Carries reflections of culture, traditions of the country.
    • Approaches not only to history, but also to nature.
    • Finishing only from natural materials.
    • The presence of simple furniture.
    • Addition of vintage accessories, handmade items.

    When designing using high technology

    The country style of each country is different:

    Russian. Wood is widely used in construction. Furniture is selected in a classic style. Modern elements at registration are beam ceilings, rafters. The stove is installed, or a fireplace stylized for it. Such a design brings peace and tranquility. Pottery, porcelain dishes are selected.French. There are bright and sunny colors. It is better if there will be blue tones, which together with pastel shades will produce the desired result. Textiles are selected from the bleached materials. The walls can be decorated with stone texture, imitation of roof coverings is done. Install a fireplace, eclectic or gas, at the discretion of the tenants. To achieve the effect of the last century, furniture is artificially made older. The furniture is made of chestnut, oak, walnut. Light kerosene lamp or lantern will give comfort and special warmth of the room.

    Cozy French style house

    English. This style can be distinguished due to the choice of furniture. All furniture set is selected from a light tree. As in previous styles, the fireplace will be an important element. Armchairs near it should be high-backed, have armrests. Glasses set with segments. Textiles are often selected with a traditional pattern - cell. Walls can be painted in light shades of brown, red, light green. It will be interesting to look floral ornament. Here ancient paintings and lamps will be appropriate.

    English style

    Rustic style helps to move away from the hustle and bustle of city life. It is suitable for a country house, and for the apartment, if there is a strong desire to retire.

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    VIDEO: Beautiful options for houses in the forest