Studio Apartment: Style solutions with decorative elements. 205+ Photos of Modern Interior Design Ideas


A studio apartment is a place where it is important to stick to the chosen style and make everything right. After all, you do not have much space to experiment. If you have a studio apartment, I will tell you how to equip it so that it remains comfortable and functional at the same time.

Content of this article:

  • Much depends on family
  • What styles are acceptable?
  • Decorative materials
  • Room shape
  • Square
  • Rectangular
  • With bay window
  • With niche
  • Studio version
  • Kitchen
  • Corridor
  • A long
  • Square
  • Narrow
  • Bathroom
  • Combined
  • Separated
  • Balcony connection
  • Furniture
  • Ceiling
  • Lighting
  • How to expand the space without pushing the walls?
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  • Much depends on family

    Small apartments are often a problem for the owners. We have to combine in one room the bedroom, living room, office. It is believed that to combine the functionality and comfort, creativity and convenience is impossible. Therefore, buy fashionable wallpaper and furniture, as a result, the apartment looks like an advertisement for furniture and wallpaper plants, but living in it is not always comfortable.

    A small apartment can be comfortable, spacious, comfortable and functional.

    Designers believe: the arrangement of small apartments is aerobatics. In this case, special techniques are used:

    • shine;
    • color connections;
    • textile;
    • furniture of sufficient spaciousness.

    In the beginning, we will examine the design features of various apartments, and at the end of the article a universal surprise advice is prepared for various rooms.

    Stylish and light interior of one-room apartment

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    What styles are acceptable?

    It all depends on the wishes of the owner. Fans of neoclassical styles can apply basic elements:

    • gypsum stucco;
    • painting;
    • desudeporta (clearance above the doorways);
    • semicolumns;
    • volutes;
    • caisson ceilings;
    • arches.
    Main feature: details choose miniature, painting light, so as not to overload the interior.

    It has become very popular to use the Scandinavian style in the interior.


    It is impossible to imagine without stained glass windows. In small rooms, a stained-glass chandelier, a sconce or a floor lamp is enough, plus inserts for doors and the room will acquire particular style features.

    Japanese style

    Often used in small spaces. Conciseness, clear lines, light tone-style features. But this does not mean that the interior will be boring. Stylish details: the design of bamboo wallpaper of one or part of the wall, the introduction to the interior of small elements of natural colors (red, green, brown) will do the trick.

    Japanese like no one knows better how to organize a small space


    Strict lines, lack of pretentiousness like men. Such interiors can not be called boring. The design involves the play of textures of different materials:

    • furniture upholstery;
    • textiles;
    • flooring.

    Therefore, lighting is thought out to the smallest detail.

    Minimalism is not a boring design without unnecessary details.

    Oriental styles

    Lovers of Oriental styles: Indian, Chinese should not enter into the interior a large number of bright decorative elements. Enough cushions, lamps, floor vases and the corresponding accents are placed.

    Oriental style, moderate with bright accents.

    High tech

    It will help to perfectly combine:

    • reflective metal surfaces;
    • glass partitions and elements;
    • decentralized lighting and elements of constructivism.

    As a result, the apartment acquires the dynamics of modern life.

    Modern interior in hi-tech style

    Pop Art

    In the style of "popular culture" is often used plastic, bright color accents, bright catchy pictures. All this connects the almost stage illusiveness with reality. He is often considered the youth version, which is easily transformed.

    Creative interior, built on bright contrasts

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    Decorative materials

    Everything that the construction industry offers will benefit.

    The main principle: do not overload the interior is too bright elements.

    You like wallpaper with a large pattern, please - decorate one or part of the length of the wall. It will be a better decoration than the carpets of the past.

    With a large pattern you can decorate one of the walls, or part of it.

    A similar technique: the use of wallpaper with a small or textured pattern helps to emphasize the place of rest, work, dining area.

    The geometry of the picture balances the small size of the rooms. Horizontal lines push the walls, vertical lines make the ceiling higher.

    With wallpaper with a small pattern, place the rest area

    Laying laminate floorboard is parallel to the short walls. But you can use the diagonal technique, which changes the proportions. The same applies to tile, wet and additional facilities.

    BoardConnect wallpaper companions: smooth models with a similar base and pattern or texture. Permissible frescoes or wallpaper on one of the walls. But the rest should remain neutrally smooth.

    Interior in bright blue with workplace

    It is important to take into account that in small apartments cleaning has to be done more often, since all the rooms are used at the same time. Choose materials that are easy to care for. Covering the walls with a convex texture collects a lot of dust.

    The apartment with walls in bright colors and black and white wallpaper

    BoardChoosing the color scheme, remember that fashion is fashion, but you will live with this decoration for a month and a year. Think about it, if your wardrobe or decoration has never had a lilac or orange color, and most importantly you did not feel the need for this, will it please you in the next few years.

    Black and white room design with access to the open terrace

    For the kitchen, bathroom and hallway, select the tile. You like wood flooring or natural stone. Wonderful. In modern collections beautiful imitation of various natural materials and forms.  

    In the bathroom it is better to install a shower stall

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    Room shape

    The design of the apartment depends on the size, height and shape of the room. Consider the features that are taken into account.

    Design studio apartment with mustard notes will make the interior warm

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    This is the perfect shape. It is comfortable for a person in such premises.

    Simple Scandinavian Home Design

    Design options can be many, but the basic principles are:

    • Design with the use of straight lines and concise furniture.
    • Use a diagonal arrangement of furniture and objects.
    • The wall around the window opening remains light.
    • If the window is small, install near it cabinets with mirrored doors - the room will immediately increase.
    • Corner cabinets are a good option.

    Lots of light and mirrors increase space.

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    Narrow rooms can also be made more comfortable if part of one of the walls is decorated with textured, patterned, wallpaper prints or decorated with decorative plaster. Thus, the long plane is crushed, its proportions change. Mounted semi-columns, pilasters - they make the room prequaddish and comfortable.

    Prints on the wallpaper visually crush the space and make it more comfortable

    Forget the walls of past life. Yes, they are roomy, but they stole an additional 40-50 cm room width.

    BoardIn long rooms, place the cabinets along the short walls, engage around the window space. It also allows you to create cozy dimensions.

    Maximize your space

    Engage the mezzanine, create storage space for clothes and shoes in niches and storerooms. If the corridor allows, order a narrow wardrobe with special brackets for trempels located perpendicular to the doors. Such cabinets have a depth of only 35-40 cm.

    Use bright colors in the design to expand the space.

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    With bay window

    If the apartment has a bay window, good lighting of the apartment is guaranteed. In this corner it is good to put a table with cozy chairs or small chairs - the place of rest or work is ready. Bay window can be a game or used for homework by a child.

    Modern interior design with a bay window

    The curtains separate this corner from the main room. In this room, reinforced windows are installed to separate the room from the outside world.

    Do not place large furniture. It will destroy all the charm of such an architectural element.

    Small furniture emphasizes the elegance of the bay window

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    With niche

    Often in one-bedroom apartments there are built-in storage rooms that can not be dismantled, and the room has a niche. This feature can be beat in an interesting way. In the niche place the bed, sofa, separated by partitions (which are just below). The result is a mini-bedroom.

    Niche can be a place for bed

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    Studio version

    Decide for yourself whether open space will be comfortable. Studio version allows you to increase the area. In this case, it is important to choose the zoning of space. Usually combine living room and kitchen, bathroom and toilet. In this case, it is necessary to install a good exhaust, so that smells do not flow from one room to another.

    Stylish studio apartment in matte black and white

    Open space gets bigger. However, conditional separation is necessary to emphasize functional areas. It may be light, including:

    • transparent partitions;
    • decorative items;
    • individual pieces of furniture.

    Open space seems big

    To do this, choose the partition:
    • Low.
    • Consisting of beads.
    • From tinted or decorative glass. If you choose the option similar to the inserts of door blocks - the room will acquire integrity.
    For lovers of open spaces, you can use sliding doors, including radial doors. Sometimes they are closed, and kitchen odors remain indoors. Partitions are different.

    Glass partitions are light, do not overload the interior

    Types of partitions
    • Bar counter combines the kitchen and living room and serves as a dining table. Under it organize additional shelves for kitchen appliances.
    • Light walls. For construction use plastic panels, drywall, fabric, stretched on a wooden frame, glass of various textures and patterns.
    • Shelving for decorative items or books. This transparent element creates an easy separation and does not overload the interior. The rack can be straight, semi-circular, under the ceiling or small in height.
    • Fashion item - Aquarium for fish. Transparent water world creates a pleasant microclimate and soft lighting.
    • Screens. It is worth remembering the screens of the past. This option is suitable for neoclassical styles (Rococo, Baroque, Gothic), modern: Provence, Japanese, Oriental, Indian, Chinese.
    • Glass blocks. A narrow or low wall of transparent or multi-colored blocks changes the interior, gives lightness and cozy highlights.
    • Decorative podium - An interesting option. Part of the room is raised to a height of 40 cm. Under the new floor they create pull-out beds, drawers for storing bed linen or seasonal items, shoes.

    Option that will interest you


    BoardSome decorators propose to separate the bed from the living room with an open coat hanger. Do not use this technique. The room will lose its charm, and get cluttered look.

    An unusual effect is visual zoning. Separate functional corners are defined by various finishing materials and decorative elements. For example, in the kitchen, hallway - tiles, living room - laminate, parquet or linoleum. The backlight of the bed is soft, in the living room there is a chandelier, in the kitchen there are spotlights of directional action.

    Zone space in a studio with various materials and decorative elements.

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    Proper organization of kitchen space saves 60 - 65% of the distance that the hostess travels during cooking plus 25 - 27% of the time. Let's use ergonomics. The main trio: stove, refrigerator, sink. They must not be installed far apart.

    I’m talking about this because some recommend hiding the refrigerator in the closet. However, it is also not rational to install a stove and a refrigerator, a stove and a sink. You have to put a lot of effort into maintenance.

    A small kitchen complements the interior design.

    Fashionable and rational l-shaped placement of work planes.
    BoardChoose furniture with retractable wardrobes. Swing doors take up a lot of space. Organize the lighting of cabinets and desktops - time saving guaranteed. Fight the mess - the room will look bigger.

    L-shaped placement of kitchen set saves space and at the same time there is enough space for work

    Zoning can be emphasized island furniture placement. On such a cabinet, install an electric or induction hob. Stylish, comfortable and functional.

    An interesting effect is the use of hanging cabinets and tables of different depths of 300, 450 or 600 mm. Thus, the space is “broken”, it is easier to maintain order on the shelves (small items are not lost in deep cabinets).

    Zoning can be emphasized island furniture placement

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    Do you think that small and uncomfortable hallways are hard to turn into functional ones? I will share the secrets. A small corridor can be combined with a kitchen or a room (depending on the location). For convenience, an entrance area is arranged along one wall. Install a shallow and narrow cabinet, shoe box, the top of which is used as a seat. Shoes and clothes for everyday use fit perfectly.

    In the corridor it is best to install a shallow closet.

    Remove the mezzanine, the ceiling rises - the room increases. Built-in wardrobes redo the compartment. Order a convenient content for yourself. Pantry turn into wardrobe. They can provide a place for household appliances: vacuum cleaners, kitchen appliances, which are not often used.

    Small corridor with functional shelves

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    A long

    Want profitable to change the length. This is possible. Place vertical decorative elements on an open wall:

    • pilasters;
    • semicolumns;
    • vertical plaster or polyurethane thrust.

    Install small sconces plus lights at the beginning and end of the corridor. The light does wonders - the room will be transformed.

    Diagonal layout changes direction and true dimensions. Remember forest winding paths that are lost beyond the horizon. Use the hint of nature.

    Brickwork and antique mirror will decorate your corridor

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    Remove the wall between the room and the hallway. Plasterboard creates a dressing room. The corridor will lose a little area, and you will get a roomy place for clothes, shoes, accessories. If you install the doors on both sides, then you can get things from the wardrobe from the side of the room and the corridor.

    Remove the wall between the room and the hallway, from this the corridor will lose a little of its area.

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    Remove all swing doors. They significantly "steal" space. Instead, install sliding models or folding doors. And in the empty wilderness corner an extra cupboard or pencil case will fit, which is important for apartments of a small area.

    Several doors go out into the room - increase the opening to the living room and make illuminated glass shelves - functionally and stylishly. Artificial windows: doors with stained glass and glass increase the corridor.

    Do not mess. Do not be surprised what the designer says. Each item captures the surrounding space, and if there are a lot of them, the room is completely conquered. It stops performing functions for you.

    Illuminated shelves and glass doors widen narrow space

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    Small hygiene room and toilet - the headache of the owners.I do not want to wear bath accessories from the room, hide chemicals for cleaning on the mezzanine or in a drawer on the balcony. A good option is to combine the two rooms. Such a transformation is acceptable if no more than two people live in the apartment.

    In a small apartment it is acceptable to combine a bathroom and a bathroom

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    If you remove the wall between the hygiene room and the toilet, install a deluxe booth or hydrobox, then you can install an automatic machine, a case for hygienic and washing accessories, bathrobes and towels in the room.

    Tiles of the same color on the walls and on the floor - a trend decision

    Remove all small items in the lockers. Do not use the layout of the tile dark bottom, light top, this is the last century. An interesting effect is the use of tiles with a pattern on only one wall (along the bathroom or inside the shower cubicle). Leave the remaining walls smooth. The space will become stylish and visually expand.

    If you install a shower cabin, there will be a place for installation of equipment

    Get cantilever toilet bowls and save 0.5 m². They are less "stealing" the area of ​​the room. Visually separate the toilet with a low partition. It can serve as a place of storage and shelf for decorative items, candles. Just do not overdo it with the details.

    Scandinavian design in bathroom and emerald white colors

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    Expand the bath across the room and be able to allocate space for a washing machine. Use models with rounded edges. Plastic lines change space. Be sure to use a decorative panel that covers the space under the bathroom. Love bright colors? Choose a tile of the same color and different shades, a variety is guaranteed.

    Try to make the whole space functional.

    A large number of reflective surfaces increases space. This room needs good lighting. Ideally, multiple light sources. Place in staggered spotlights - the space expands. Installation along the walls pushes the boundaries.

    Separate bathroom in minimalism style with futuristic accents

    Instead of tulips, install the sink “Moidodyr” to use shelves for detergents. Replacing the bath with a dushkabinka, hydroboxing saves 2 - 2.5 m². Replace for convenience all swinging doors on sliding.

    Lots of light and reflective surfaces increase space.

    Little security. For a floor use a special tile with an antiskid surface. Plumbing fixtures should be well secured. If plasterboard or plastic communication is sewn up, install inspection doors so that access to the pipes is available.

    Make sure the tile has a non-slip surface.

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    Balcony connection

    In the past, balconies are used as storage space for "things that will never come in handy." Balconies turn into an additional room. But it can only be used in the warm season. A good option for year-round operation is to combine with the living room. As a result, the owners organize:

    Lounge area on the balcony

    • Placement cabinet.
    • Corner for the rest.
    • Winter Garden.
    If the balcony is located in the kitchen, the subwindow unit turns into a dining table.

    It is necessary to organize the insulation (lay out the wall with a gas-block or use materials for insulation mineral wool, etc.), install reinforced double-glazed windows, carry out heating. If the heating system does not give permission for the transfer of central heating, install electric convectors or install underfloor heating.

    Properly organize heating

    Such re-equipment is possible only after agreement with the state authorities. Return to menu


    Do you live alone or with family? The choice of furniture depends on it. For singles or families without children, you can allow one massive item. For example, a sofa. It will become the base element around which to decorate. In this case, the rest of the furniture should be weightless, tables with glass tops, cabinets with mirrored doors.

    Bright, contrasting sofa color - a permissible massive object in the interior

    But the basic principle: do not overload the world around us with too bright colors, massive, albeit three times with antique furniture. Keep a balance: light monophonic walls - contrast furniture, on the background of wallpaper with prints - plain sofas and slides.

    Keep the harmony - light interior with a few bright accents

    Replace regular cabinets on the compartment. Such furniture has a large capacity. Convenient internal filling, special accessories allows you to use all the space, including the mezzanine. The furniture industry manufactures brackets for dresses, shirts, trousers and placed under the ceiling. If necessary, the bracket is lowered to a comfortable height, and there is no problem to choose the right thing.

    Instead of massive walls, get modular wall cabinets of various shapes or light slides.

    Interesting details: a combination of mustard and gray in a studio apartment

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    Dark ceilings unequivocally "steal" height. However, if the perimeter of the room is painted in dark color, the frame is made of plaster rods, and the central part is left white, the visual effect will be fantastic. The height of the room becomes much greater.