How to hang pictures on the wall is beautiful and original (170+ Photos)? Creative ideas for bright accents


Any strict discreet interior can be made cozy and individual thanks to the placement of photos on the wall. This technique allows you to always remember the warm joyful moments thanks to the pictures that give the house a special cozy atmosphere. For some interiors, you can buy a frame, insert a photo into it and hang it on the wall. But in most cases it is necessary to create some special, original decor that could complement the interior of a suitable room.


Thanks to modern technology, you can implement any unusual and bold projects that previously seemed something inaccessible. Pictures can be of different sizes from the smallest to the huge posters up to their full height, they can be combined symmetrically, in parallel, in proportion, randomly by any suitable method.

BoardInvented the layout of the photo on the wall, you must first capture on paper. So you can choose an idea from the created combinations.

How beautiful to hang a photo on the wall?

Sometimes, to create an interesting interior, you can use not only your own photos, but also beautiful images of elements of nature, landscapes, objects under macro photography, and reproductions of paintings. When the photos are already selected and their sizes are selected, frames can be selected.

Photos can be used completely different

For beginners in such decoration, it is desirable to rely on the existing methods of placing photo frames on the wall. Moreover, there are a lot of literate interesting ideas and combinations.

BoardThe liked scheme can be cut out of paper or cardboard, fastened to the wall and see how the future of the panel will look.

Do not forget to leave a small distance between the frames. Depending on the choice of the scheme, it can be either the same everywhere, or the necessary symmetry should be traced in it.

Depending on the mounting method, you can choose a beautiful option. They are such:

  • symmetrical arrangement or asymmetry in the decor;
  • arrangement of frames with pictures on the floor;
  • arrangement of photo frames on the shelves;
  • creation of figure composition;
  • hanging the frame to the ceiling;
  • creating wallpaper from photos;
  • hanging pictures with clothespins on the clothesline, strung against the wall.

Pictures can be of different sizes.

BoardYou can stretch the rope in a horizontal or vertical position. Both options look very interesting and original. Return to the menu ↑

Photos without frames and in frames

All ways of hanging by type of photo cards can be grouped into 2 main categories:

  • photos within;
  • photos without frames.

Sometimes the frame emphasizes or complements the interior of the room. For example, a thick massive wood frame fits perfectly into a classic living room. Incorrectly chosen frames may distort the image in the photo or simply do not fit the environment and any interior details.

With a successful placement without frames, the pictures look very natural, lively, attractive and original. They have no limiters, which allows them to perfectly fit into the decor of the room.

Canvas with photo looks especially stylish

Fresh ideas for decorating photos without frames:

  • printing photos on canvas - these can be modular photo-pictures, multi-panels, in which frames are not used. They can be of any shape and size, can be ordered from two or more separately hanging images of one module;
  • selection of photos glued directly to the wall. Such an idea can look very bright, interesting. But over time, such photos without protection may then lose their colorful and simply burn out;
  • photos on wires - special hooks are attached to photos. To underline the background, you can place them on white identical sheets, then the cards must be of the same shape. Wires, wire, rope, threads are fastened to which the clips for the curtains holding the photo will cling;
  • Placing a photo on a magnetic board is a very convenient option, suitable for decorating the kitchen. The magnetic board will serve simultaneously as a place for recordings and reminders of happy moments in the photo;
  • the use of small magnets for hanging - nails are driven into the wall at the same distance from each other. Wire is hung vertically on them, and photographs without frames cling to it with the help of ordinary small magnets.

Interesting mounting option

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Frame selection

The mood of the entire collage or decorative wall decoration will depend on the choice of a suitable photo frame. If the interior style is restrained and does not allow the emergence of chaos, then you need to choose monophonic photo frames. Moreover, their thickness can be completely different - from a thin metal frame to a thick wooden frame, whose sides can be wider than the photo itself.

In a room that is decorated with bright colors, you need to use frames of light shades of small thickness. It can be silver, gold, pastel colors, milky shades that will not overload the interior and only emphasize the photo.

The interior in neutral colors allows the use of black frames. However, when choosing a model, you need to ensure that they do not look too gloomy. A skillful choice will help to make the right accent in the room.

The mood of the entire collage will depend on the choice of a suitable photo frame.

Black frames always carry in themselves rigor and graphic, white - grace and refinement.

If you plan to place the old pictures, then fit the artificially aged frame, elongated in width. Black and white shots suggest using either black or white frames. White can be in the form of a beautiful sculpture.

Perfectly charges the room with mood placing black and white pictures on a bright monophonic background. And each picture should have a different background:

  • blue;
  • red;
  • yellow;
  • blue;
  • pink;
  • Orange;
  • green.

In this frame is selected in black.

For family photos in a plurality of wooden frames are suitable in brown. At the same time, if the living room is decorated in a classic style, brown color will add comfort to this room and emphasize the depth of the pictures.

Black frames for black and white photos

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Finding the best place to put.

For photos to be placed successfully, you need to choose a suitable wall for them. It is best to choose the one that can be admired from afar. Optimally from a distance of 3.5 meters. Thus, you can assess the integrity of the collage.

Also, the chosen place should not be heavily cluttered, so that there is an opportunity to calmly approach and close the details of the images.Therefore, I offer you such good options for placing photos:

  • above the closed staircase;
  • in the hall;
  • at the head of the bed in the bedroom;
  • over the sofa in the living room or nursery;
  • around the TV - here can work the principle of balance when placing multiple photos. Usually the area where the TV is located remains empty. This will help to beautifully fill the space;
  • Above the desk, there are also good places to put photos and decorations;
  • around the window or near the doorway, which is located in the center of the room;
  • near the mirror - the combination of a round mirror and square photo frames looks unusual.

Living room decoration

BoardIf there is a whole empty wall in the room, you can completely fill the space with photos, but having previously developed a layout. Another excellent option is a blank wall in the corridor. Often it does not perform any functions in the apartment. But if you place a lot of photos on it within the framework with the correct lighting, the atmosphere will change, it will become comfortable and cozy.

An empty corner in the same corridor is a great place. Moreover, it can be used as a convex corner, it will contain some kind of intrigue, prompted to look behind it, and with a recess inside.

Decorate the wall in the hallway, make it more interesting.

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Mounting methods

Here are some of the fastening methods that we have already identified from the existing variety of ideas for decorating:

  • Fastening on the wall of various frames made of metal, plastic, wood. You can decorate them in accordance with the style of the room with additional elements in the form of fabric, paper, buttons, rhinestones, stones, and beads.
  • Walls can decorate the photo in the framework, standing on a wall or nailed shelf. Of these, you can make a very original composition, complementing the appropriate figurines or symbolic souvenirs.
  • A large photo frame, which could have remained from an old picture or from a mirror, is suitable for decor. Inside it, the threads are stretched, on them photos of any size that you want to cling to with clothespins.
  • Photos can be mounted directly on the wall using double-sided tape. Thanks to this technique, you can create absolutely any ornaments from photographs, place them in any position, even if you hang them on a solid wall. Double-sided tape will hold the shots securely.
  • You can cling to pictures on the rope. It is enough to drive two nails into the wall and pull a thread between them. And so in several rows. Attach to the photo thread can be hooks, clothespins, tied for the same string. The tension of the thread can be adjusted, creating an interesting effect of sagging.

With the addition of a garland

BoardWhen choosing a frameless wall decoration with photos, if you wish, you can easily replace the annoying images with new ones and refresh the interior again. Return to the menu

Wall Tips

In order for the decoration of the wall of the photo to look harmonious and beautiful, it is not enough to find bright pictures, original frames for them and pick up interesting shapes for placement. There are certain rules that will be useful to follow, so that the set of photos on the wall or collage looks harmonious:

  • photo must be placed at the level of the human eye;
  • when combining images of different sizes, those that are smaller should be placed at eye level, and more should be placed one level higher;
  • Not the most profitable solution is to place all the photos in one line, as well as create a pyramid from photos;
  • It is not necessary to combine black and white and color photos, photos in a uniform color scale look good;
  • the originality of the black-and-white photo in strict frames adds an asymmetrical arrangement;
  • many small photos on a clothespin look original, if you put them all in one big massive frame;
  • additional lighting of the composition or collage enhances the effect of the spectacle;
  • bright frames or passe-partu animate black and white shots;

It is necessary to place a photo at the level of human eyes.

  • creative idea - sticking photos to the wall inside an open rack;
  • stylish photos of the small sizes with a big frame look;
  • maximum attention to the photographs attracts placement on a white background and the addition of white edging;
  • There are special corner frames for placing photos in the corner of the room. It is important to ensure that the corner photos do not overload the situation if the room does not have enough space for standard decoration;
  • many photos in small frames can be used to create some ornament on the wall, for example, in the shape of a heart;
  • creates a sense of the gallery placing on the wall photos of different shapes and sizes in frames of different colors. It is necessary to carefully combine them with each other in order to avoid excessive confusion.

Bright colors - uplifting

It is necessary to comply with the choice of photo cards a single style, suitable for the room, and its purpose. For example, photos of children from the moment of birth are placed in the nursery. It is logical that in the bedroom the best moments of the couple - rest together, honeymoon. In the living room place a photo in nature with friends, in the kitchen are relevant images of your favorite pets.

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Principles of placement

Usually posted on the wall one by one. from 2 principles:

  • equilibrium;
  • symmetry.

With a symmetrical arrangement, you can arrange a large photo in the center and outgoing images from it to reduce. For example, 2 large photos, and under them 4 small ones and so on. Not so important are the images in the photo, as their shape, the observance of symmetry in placement and alignment along the axes.

The principle of equilibrium is to balance the whole picture. If one huge poster is placed on one side, 4 small photos should be placed next to it. You can balance the final image with an object hanging on the wall or standing next to it. It can be a mirror, a floor lamp, a sconce, a clock - they add a feature of the composition and make it interesting.

Cozy, dining place

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Photos on clothespins

The rapidly gaining popularity of the idea of ​​decorating the wall of a room with photographs in its design is quite simple. First you need to select your favorite photos, process them, choose the size and print.

After that, find a place on the wall, drive a few nails into it and pull vertical ropes between them. The basis can be selected fishing line, thread, fabric, clothesline, wire, wire and any other available materials.

Depending on the size of the photos, you can buy special decorative clothespins of a small size that will look more harmonious with small pictures. Then you need to place a few photos in a row, under it one more row and so on.

A booming idea

When tightening the rope, you can adjust the degree of sagging. They can be either perfectly even, or create the effect of hanging garlands.

You can try to hang pictures on clothespins not on a horizontal rope, but on a vertical one, which look no less original. Other decorative elements can be placed between them.

BoardThe composition will look especially bright when combining black-and-white pictures and bright contrasting details. Return to the menu

Photo collage

A collage of photos for wall decoration is one of the fashionable, stylish and beautiful solutions for interior decoration. But often, many are faced with the problem of correct and original arrangement of the collage on the wall.

Using pegs

Variants of successful placement of a collage without frames can be:

Compliance with the geometric shape of the rectangle. It is necessary to outline a zone on the wall where a collage with clear borders will be placed. Inside it you need to combine a variety of personal photos in vertical and horizontal position.BoardCorrectly combine photos you can help special programs on a computer to create a collage. Filling photos of the entire wall. To do this, you can order wallpapers for individual development and simply stick the paper on the wall. You can also do this manually by selecting the material for secure attachment of photos. At the same time, the whole wall can be filled with both small and large pictures. Order of modular pictures, which will also create an original collage. They can fill the entire wall. They look more original when there are gaps between them.

A collage of photos to decorate the wall

Also, a collage can be created using photo frames. Such ideas will be relevant.:

  • The acquisition of the finished frame for a variety of photos, which simply hangs on the wall.
  • Acquisition of identical frames to create a solid and discreet composition on the wall.
  • Use a variety of frames in one style to decorate the wall. This option allows you to continue to constantly add new images to the composition.

It will be interesting to you:

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Watch from photo

If the interior is not enough hours, and the walls seem empty, you can simultaneously solve these two problems.

BoardChoose such a technique for decoration in the event that the wall decoration is monotonous or has a large unobtrusive pattern. So the photos do not get lost among the motley and small ornament.

As a basis, you can take ready-made watches in a minimalist style. It is desirable that the dial does not have numbers or any designations. Ideally, large long hands should be attached to the clockwork mechanism. Each hour will be marked with the corresponding photos in the frame, that is only 12 photos will be needed.

In this decor it is better to place the photos in the framework so that the slightest draft does not violate the integrity of the structure.

You can also place photos in different ways, for example, to highlight the figures 3, 6, 9, 12 on imaginary watches, and for the rest, choose a smaller photo. You can pick up the same size and shape of the images, to observe the symmetry for the vertical numbers 6 and 12, horizontal 9 and 3.The rest is at their discretion.

Optional pictures must replace numbers. You can hang your favorite watches on the wall, and around them draw a collage of important pictures.

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Tree from the photo on the wall

Placing on the wall panels in the form of a tree with family photos is a very common idea of ​​decoration, which does not lose its relevance. Many people like it, however, not everyone can decide on it. Often the reason for the rejection of such a masterpiece is the lack of sufficient free space on the wall for a full decoration.

There is a lot of options for placement on a wall of a decorative tree. There are special applications, stickers, you can use wood trim or use paints. The easiest way is to buy a ready-made designer sticker, buy a stencil or make it yourself.

Beautiful family tree

As a result, you can get these options for trees with photos:

  • a tree with a lush crown, inside which hid photos;
  • tree with autumn orange leaves;
  • cherry blossoms with branches of bizarre forms, spread out over the wall;
  • gothic image of a tree with black foliage, ornate crown and even birds;
  • tree with young green foliage or also with fruits;
  • colorful fairy tree for the nursery;
  • powerful spreading oak in the whole wall;
  • old family tree of the family.

In fact, there may be more ideas. It all depends on your imagination and the environment.

Panel in the form of a tree with family photos

A good place to place a tree can be not only a free wall in a room. For example, it may be the corner of a room where spreading branches will spread over both walls. You can create the illusion that a small tree with photos was placed on a cozy bedside table in the hallway or corridor.

A tree with directional branches in one direction should be placed at the opposite end of the wall. Under it you can put a sofa. So mono convey the atmosphere of a garden. In the children's bedrooms organically look trees, whose branches, as if by chance, slightly go to the next wall or ceiling.

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Registration of a nursery

In the nursery, you can carry out various ideas and experiments. Here, any errors in placement can look original and cute. Frames can be selected in various sizes in shapes, combine them together.

In the nursery, you can carry out various ideas and experiments.

At the same time for them you need to choose juicy photos with the best children's moments. For a child's room, you can use the following wall decoration ideas:

  • Placing a photo on yarn or rope with colored clothespins. If the child is very small, then it should be done at such a level that he could not reach and take pictures.
  • On the wall near the sofa you can create a bright colorful collage. Images are supplemented with small favorite images of the child. You can also use his work and crafts, for example, drawings, embroidery, a collection of butterflies.
  • The tree option is great for the kids room. You can decorate such a tree not only with your favorite pictures, but also with bright colorful animals, flowers and plants.
  • Arrangement of photos in frames on numerous shelves on one wall - a combination of beauty and practicality.
  • Photos on the rope can be supplemented with bright garlands made from paper-cut butterflies, flowers, cars, helicopters, buboes from threads and other tinsel.

Use images with the best childhood moments.

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In the living room

The living room is filled with coziness, when the plot photos are placed on the wall in the correct order. No less attractive look room with a good placement of abstractions.

Designers consider wall decoration personal snapshots to be the most emotional type of design art.

Therefore, if the room does not have enough emotionality, then the way out is to place photos on the walls. It is important for the living room to adhere to a single style in the size of the frames. It is important what size or color they will be.

The main thing is unity. It is impossible to combine a wooden frame, for example, with glass. It looks tasteless and vulgar. More harmony add photos conclusion in the mat and the addition of an external frame.

Cozy living room

To do this, you can choose one of three color options for the living room:

  • in 3 colors - color shots, mat, frame;
  • lack of saturation - black and white design with an antiquarian bias or vice versa, under minimalism;
  • something one color - if it is a photo, then a white passe-partout, a black or white frame, a color can remain only a frame or only a passe-partout.
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Selection according to the style of the room

An important role in decorating the walls with personal images is played by the already existing interior in the room. It often happens that the situation in the hall, corridor or bedroom just annoys the owners. I do not want to make repairs, but I need to refresh the room. Therefore, it is enough to take suitable pictures, choose frames for them or not to frame them at all, to find a suitable layout. For each style there is a specific technique:

Country styles, Provence and Classic imply the use of wooden frames in the decor. For classics, priority is given to dark wood, for Provence is light, country involves the use of any shades. Eclectic style and hi-tech - when framing a photo, a metal frame is used most often, less often plastic. Pop-art, modern and other similar youth styles practice a non-standard approach to choosing a photo. You can use custom printed non-standard posters, add photos with posters and quotes. In general, such a collage looks extraordinary. Quotes can be applied to the wall on your own through a stencil or you can buy ready-made stickers. In those styles that are close to handmade, you can bring to life ideas for decorating photos with homemade frames, for example, with embroidered ornaments, crocheted flowers, embellished borders and any other original ideas.

Rustic style, chebbi chic, glamor involves the use of white openwork frames, which have convex fancy shapes that resemble plaster molding. black and white.

In general, the design of the walls with photographs and various images is a modern, popular and advantageous method for decorating the interior. There are an unlimited number of ideas, most of them can be created independently or modified existing ones. So each novice designer can get their own individual style and zest in the interior.