Oval table in the kitchen - Universal version for any interior (210+ Photos of sliding, glass and wooden models)


Before buying any furniture, it is desirable to consider how the products of a certain design will fit into the style of the room. Oval tables have no corners, are streamlined, so they look cozy in kitchens. It's nice to sit behind them, have a tasty dinner and easily keep up the conversation. And do not be afraid that active young children will hit the corner. About all the nuances of selection and placement more detailed later in the article.

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  • Sizes and designs
  • Size range of furniture
  • Classic stationary model
  • Folding furniture models
  • Furniture materials
  • How to choose a tabletop?
  • Foundation reliability
  • Color spectrum
  • Room style
  • High tech
  • Country music
  • Provence
  • Scandinavian style
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  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 210 photos)
  • Sizes and designs
  • Furniture materials
  • How to choose a tabletop?
  • Foundation reliability
  • Room style
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 210 photos)
  • Sizes and designs

    The dimensions of the oval tables are selected according to the number of residents and reflect the hospitality. EIf frequent meetings with friends are welcomed, it is better to put a large table or a transformer model in the room. It is believed that one person needs a surface approximately 60 cm long for comfortable sensations. Therefore, when choosing the parameters of the oval model, one should keep in mind the following figures:

    • at the oval table 75 cm wide and up to 100 cm long will be comfortable for 2-4 people. And already 6 people are best taken at a table 100-154 cm long;
    • a product 91 cm wide and 160-180 cm long will be convenient for 8 people;
    • a model with an oval worktop 109 cm wide and 180-240 cm long will be convenient for a family of 10 people;
    • 10-14 people will be able to comfortably accommodate a 140 cm wide tabletop and a length of 260-300 cm.

    The dimensions of the oval tables are selected according to the number of tenants.

    It should also be borne in mind that chairs or stools, chairs must move freely, without interfering with each other.

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    Size range of furniture

    If the oval table is not planned to be placed in the center, then the minimum distance to the wall is left at 70 cm so that it is convenient to sit down and get up because of it. The length of the table top can be different. And already the width should not exceed 110 cm. Otherwise it will be difficult to reach the dishes placed in the center of the oval table. In the spacious rooms you can put the products of traditional design (not folding or sliding). Popular size range of worktops: 110x150 cm, 110x210 cm, 105x200 cm.

    The minimum distance to the wall is left at 70 cm

    In kitchens with a modest area it is difficult to stay without folding furniture. It is necessary to select a model that, when assembled, will create comfortable places for 2-3 people to have a comfortable dinner.

    Most often buy oval tables in the following sizes:
    • 75х120 cm (it is displayed to 75х160 cm);
    • 100x160cm (unfolded 100x240 cm);
    • 100x150 cm (folds up to 100x190 cm).
    In spacious rooms, it is easier to emphasize the elegant forms of the table or make it the main focus. Oval countertops are ergonomic and fit well into rooms of standard sizes, narrow or spacious rooms.

    In spacious rooms it is easier to emphasize the elegant forms of the table.

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    Classic stationary model

    Furniture large, medium size is better to put in spacious rooms. Large things always look elegant, representatively. Thanks to the large oval tabletop, guests can stay at ease. Worktops are usually made of natural wood or glass. The basis most often are two legs with a baluster or four supports.

    Sliding model

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    Folding furniture models

    Tables transformers perfectly solve the problem of lack of space in kitchens of modest size. Thanks to special mechanisms and additional elements, they are easy to fold out and allow several guests to freely accommodate. Advantages of transformers:

    • compactness - the assembled furniture has modest dimensions and does not prevent residents from moving around the kitchen;
    • thanks to special mechanisms, you can quickly equip a comfortable dining area. And also immediately return the oval table to its original form - no more than 1 minute is spent on the transformation. Of course, if the product has large parameters, then its transformation will have to be tricky;
    • when folded, the item serves as an ordinary kitchen table, at which it is convenient to dine alone. But it will be worth the guests or holiday occasion - and it instantly turns into a full-fledged large oval table for special occasions.

    Glass model

    Do not lose the popularity of the model, which varies only the width or length.

    Although the most functional furniture includes products that additionally change the height.

    Sliding structures are equipped with oval tabletops, parts of which are dispersed to the right and left of the cent. Additional items are stored inside. If necessary, a special insert increases the length of the working surface by about 30-40 cm.

    If the oval table is equipped with two additional details, then its length is increased by 60-80 cm. The advantages of the design do not creak, there is no need for special efforts to transform.

    Dark wood model

    The oval model in the form of a book looks like a regular cabinet and takes up little space. When assembled, it is installed against a wall and is wonderfully used as a stand for vases and indoor plants.

    Most often, inside the structure there are built-in shelves that store appliances and utensils.

    If to fasten wheels to legs, then the oval table will be easy for transporting on the apartment. The tabletop model book consists of three elements: the base-center, two wings. A small family will be able to comfortably eat at a table with one side up. If you put it against the wall, it will take a bit of space and will not interfere with the movement. For a holiday party, the furniture will be easy to decompose even for a child. Raise the side blades and support them with special legs.

    Oval tables transformers of any kind are suitable for compact premises and help to solve various problems. In the assembled form, they are quietly stored on the balcony, serve as a chest of drawers or allow you to have a cozy breakfast, dinner for a young family.

    Option for a large kitchen

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    Furniture materials

    There is not always a finished product that you want to put in the dining room or in the kitchen. Therefore, an independent assembly of the original oval table has become a real fashion trend. Today, many stores sell furniture components.

    Creative solution - fix the legs of the original forms on the traditional oval table top. Moreover, the work does not require special skills or complex tools.

    Nontrivial option - to complete a magnificent table-top with the unpretentious basis. Plus, homemade oval tables - easy assembly and the ability to change accessories according to your mood and desire.

    Model - book

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    How to choose a tabletop?

    This element deserves special attention when choosing a dining group. Manufacturers create products from different materials: glass, stone, wood. Therefore, it is important to consider the operating conditions of the furniture. If the oval table will constantly stand in the kitchen, then choose materials that are resistant to scratches, liquids, fats, do not require sophisticated care.

    Products from natural wood bring to the atmosphere of the kitchen notes of nature. Therefore, remain popular and in demand.

    Oval countertops create from:
    • pines;
    • oak;
    • limes;
    • walnut

    Natural coatings do not lose their strength even after decades of constant use, if you properly care for them. Surfaces will not crack or chipped. Small scratches are easy to clean if the area is cleaned with sandpaper and varnished again.

    It is recommended a couple of times a month to handle the countertop polish, protective wax. On oval polished tables do not put hot and wet dishes, because the varnish does not like water and a significant temperature difference.

    The unique texture and shades of natural wood will never go out of fashion. Furniture manufacturers advise to pay attention to the larch countertops. It is an affordable wood that has a pleasant texture, is not rotting and perfectly withstands kitchen trials.

    Oval table made of laminated chipboard is inexpensive and can imitate the texture of stone, wood, artificial materials. The thicker the oval table top, the stronger and more expensive the product. Furniture factories use plates with a thickness of 25-70 mm. And durability depends on the plastic surface layer (it is 0.45-0.8 mm thick).

    Advantages of chipboard:
    • moisture resistance;
    • a variety of textures, shades;
    • impact resistance;
    • Easy to install by yourself.

    Such surfaces and flaws are not without them. If the oval table is heavily exploited, then its service life is short. Water, regularly falling on the ends, the joints, leads to the separation of chipboard. Some dyes (iodine, potassium permanganate, brilliant green) must immediately be thoroughly wiped, otherwise the stains will not be able to remove.

    Laminated countertops easy to scratch, it quickly loses its original appearance. Therefore, cutting boards are mandatory satellites of oval tables made of laminated chipboard. Designers do not recommend choosing glossy, plain or light surfaces - they quickly lose their original appearance.

    Set in beige color

    MDF is more expensive LDSP, does not absorb liquid, looks interesting. The basis of the table top is pasted over with a film, treated with plastic or painted with high-strength enamels.
    Glass oval tables are especially good for kitchens with a small area, because they create the illusion of free space. The thickness of the solid surface - 10 mm.BoardIt is better to choose oval tabletops from red-laminated triplex - they do not scatter into shards upon a strong blow. Available monolithic models and sliding.

    Model on wheels

    Surfaces with an underframe that plays the role of decor are made of plastic, leather, and rattan.

    The positive qualities of oval tempered glass tables can be listed for a long time:
    • easy to clean (only with detergents without abrasives);
    • not afraid of moisture;
    • countertops do not absorb dirt, grease, odors;
    • hypoallergenic;
    • organically fit into the interiors of modern styles (high-tech, Art Deco);
    • a rich choice of decor (sandblasted design, photo printing, decoupage, vintage painting, LED lighting, toning);
    • do not fight and do not scratch.

    Undying classic

    Only regular wiping of the oval table will keep its well-groomed appearance. Because on the glass surface there are always traces of hands, water droplets, wet dishes. Although you can choose a frosted glass, on which such pollution will be invisible.

    Artificial materials began to actively replace natural. Stone artificial oval countertops in the kitchen in country style or Provence give the atmosphere a unique charm. A common material is an acrylic composite (70% aluminum hydroxide, mineral fillers, 30% acrylic resins) created a sensation in furniture design.

    Advantages of the material:
    • wide color palette;
    • physical endurance;
    • hygiene - there is no fungus on the surface;
    • no bacteria linger.

    It is difficult to break the surface of the oval table and there is practically no accumulation of grease or household dirt on it. A noticeable crack appeared or a piece of the tabletop broke off - you can repair the defect with a small restoration. It is enough to make light grinding with a special nozzle and the table will again acquire an elegant natural look, shine. A regular sponge with detergent will help to maintain a clean working surface every day. But hot pans, kettle can seriously spoil the front side of the tabletop. Therefore, we must not forget about the supports for hot objects.

    Artificial materials began to actively replace natural

    Products from a natural stone will be appreciated by admirers of classics, luxury. Streaks, smooth transitions of shades on an oval tabletop resemble a picture that can be endlessly viewed. Enjoy the sophistication of the furniture will only in the spare room.

    BoardWhen buying, you should immediately take into account the rather large masses of the tables, as well as the complexity of their movement.
    Worktops are cut from:
    • sandstone;
    • granite;
    • marble;
    • limestone;
    • onyx

    The hardest are granite and basalt. Naturally, an oval-shaped object, completely carved out of natural material, will be very high. Therefore, for tea ceremonies you can put a small oval table in the spacious kitchen. Minimalistic look tabletop definitely give way to the price of a carved surface. Product design is limited only by the customer's solvency.

    The main disadvantage of the natural coating is that it is impossible to repair or restore chips, cracks, stains. Stone surfaces are not restored.

    In modern style

    Especially aesthetically and unusually look models in which the oval table top is combined from different materials. The most popular option: edging of wood / chipboard and glass center.

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    Foundation reliability

    To make a beautiful picture of furniture, the tabletop must be harmoniously complemented by a base. Furniture stability is provided by one, two or four supports:

    Small tables with one support look elegant and coquettish. A white oval model will look even less visually. Sitting at such furniture is convenient, and getting up is easy - nothing stops the legs and the chairs are arranged in any order. Manufacturers produce both folding oval models, and the usual - with a solid worktop. It is important not to lose sight of the fact that only wide and strong bases will provide structures with stability.. Most often folding models have massive metal bases. The length of the oval table top in folding models increases slightly (by about 20-30 cm). It is successfully combined with a kitchen couch - a person sitting in a corner will not experience discomfort.

    Royal luxury in the interior

    The base of the two legs with a crossbar has a more classic look. This design with a large number of carved decorative elements organically looks heavy in products from natural wood. The support, designed in the form of a complex frame, looks concisely and minimalist. The four supports at the oval table are reliable classics that guarantee its stability. Bent legs give the furniture a refined look, and straight supports look strictly and concisely.

    Bases are made of metal, wood, stone. Metal bases give the products a unique original look. It is interesting to look at designs in which the tabletop is made of a different material (glass, wood, a combination of glass and wood, plastic). The combination of glass oval table top and metal legs looks concise and simple. Wooden legs bring a feeling of warmth and lightness to the furniture.

    Option for a large family

    The original forged base looks like a real independent interior decoration.

    Tables with similar supports organically fit into the style of the classics, art deco, country, Provence. Most often, the forged base is completed with a glass top. Hand forging is expensive. Masters take into account the wishes of the customer and create true unique masterpieces.

    A significant drawback - the legs of the oval table can seriously scratch the flooring, especially laminate, parquet, linoleum. Therefore, immediately acquire overlaid elements for the legs.

    Small option in a set with chairs

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    Color spectrum

    The abundance of shades in the interior can spoil the atmosphere of the room. Sometimes it is difficult to choose combinations of tones, and things of suitable colors are not always found. Therefore, the popular and traditional version - the installation of plain furniture. The negative side of such design decisions is a boring look that looks uninteresting. Stylists remind that in the trend - bright colors and contrasting combinations. However, we must not forget that the table is not the only piece of furniture. Dining set will look like a single group, if you adhere to these rules:

    • furniture is selected in one color;
    • objects have different shades, harmoniously combined with each other (white table / pale blue chairs, brown table / beige chairs). It is important that the color scheme fits into the interior;
    • the color of the table top and the upholstery of the chairs match;
    • the table and the frames of the chairs have the same shade.

    Furniture is selected in one color.

    If the room has a light finish, then pale furniture will not make certainty in the form of the room.The interior will remain unclear, as if blurred.

    And it is not necessary to achieve a match of shades of kitchen modules and furniture group. It is enough if the table does not pay attention to themselves.

    As an option: on a snow-white kitchen tabletop of light wood will not dissolve in the interior, but will not become an accent.

    A winning decision - the color of the dining group contrasts brightly with the touch of the kitchen unit. A pronounced version - white kitchen and black table. Or the colors are not close, but they are identical: the gray kitchen is a pale gray tabletop, the kitchen is milky in color - a table of rich chocolate color. Such options look much more alive, because they allow you to visually beat the interior, bring interesting accents to the situation.

    In matt, gray

    A kitchen decorated in dark, somewhat gloomy shades (gray, purple) will be visually softened by a light furniture group with an oval table. What to choose - identical color or contrast - depends on the preferences of residents.

    Metal and glass - it looks stylish

    If there is no confidence in their own design abilities, it is not worth the risk.

    It is recommended to choose an oval table that “rhymes” with at least some element of the interior:
    • separate modules in the kitchen (front panels, wall cabinets);
    • working table top in the headset;
    • kitchen apron;
    • interior elements in the room (doors, window frames, flooring);
    • separate furnishing modules (sideboard, pencil case).

    Provence style

    If, with a touch of the tabletop, they “missed”, then you can fix the situation with textiles. The cloth will introduce originality and a cosiness in a situation. There are no difficulties in choosing products now and oval or rectangular tablecloths will do.

    A few secrets on the choice of textiles suggest designers:
    • material suitable for every day, the shades of which duplicate the tone of the interior (window decor, upholstery of a soft corner or chairs);
    • In the kitchen of pastel colors, you can experiment and choose textiles of contrasting colors;
    • tablecloths can complement the style of the room in an original way. The ethnic mood is accentuated by beige, pale green linens. Textiles of blue, blue flowers will elegantly fit into a classic style;
    • solemn holidays will highlight the exquisite white tablecloth or linen, decorated with lace, embroidery.

    Beautiful, wooden set

    Tablecloths do not happen much - everyday and ceremonial, at different times of the year, window decor and interior style. Change textiles to the mood and then the situation in the kitchen will always be interesting and fresh.

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    Room style

    The harmonious combination of designs of different styles and modern trends, helps to create unique interiors. The oval table can be called universal. Thanks to different materials, shades, designs it is easy to choose a product in the interior of any style.

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    High tech

    Style of energetic and active people who appreciate the achievements of technology, artificial materials and comfort. The main principle of the interior is nothing superfluous. "Cold" colors, metal and glass parts, clear lines and furniture of regular geometric shapes. The interior does not assume the presence of natural wood. Glass or metal oval countertop with chrome legs - the best choice for the kitchen. Chairs made of transparent plastic stylishly fit into the dining area and visually dissolved in the air.

    Style of energetic and active people who value technology

    The main colors of the style are black, white, gray. Fans of non-standard solutions will enjoy the table with a matte oval tabletop, mounted on metal legs of different colors. In the white kitchen, such furniture will give the situation a naughty and somewhat hooligan look.

    An oval table on a white metal base in the form of a glassy leg, will stylishly coexist with chairs with wire backs. The set looks concise and even somewhat ascetic.

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    Country music

    In the captivity of the bustling city life, there is a growing need for calm and comfort. And it is quite possible to create such a quiet corner in the kitchen. Natural materials, natural muted shades create a simple and relaxed atmosphere. The oval table in country style is made of natural wood and differs in power and size. Therefore, such furniture only in spacious rooms will be "in its place."

    But fans of rural styles living in small apartments should not be upset. Furniture factories also create transformers tables or country-style books.

    Country style

    The traditional village option is the choice of a set for a dining area (a good oval table with four legs and 4-6 chairs) and a kitchen unit of the same color. Preference is given to wood gray-brown or brown wood (oak, walnut, pine, cherry).

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    Comfort, ease, harmonious combination of pastel shades in the interior. Provence style has always stood out for the softness of the design and gentle furnishings. Exquisite painted wood furniture or wrought iron elements are important kitchen details in rural motifs. The oval table model has a simple design and uncomplicated shapes.

    Thanks to the light colors of pastel tones (bluish, sandy, milky) objects become visually more graceful and lighter. Curved legs give the furniture a special French chic. The oval table with artificially aged table top has become a real trend. To create a similar effect is used emery paper, which is slightly smoothed legs, the edge of the working surface.

    Comfort, ease, harmonious combination of pastel shades in the interior

    The oval table, covered with a monochromatic white tablecloth, will give the decor a smart and fresh look. Fabrics in a small flower will add to the kitchen a special comfort and tranquility. A great alternative to tablecloths will be lace napkins that adorn the center. You can put a vase with flowers or a fruit platter on them. Return to the menu ↑

    Scandinavian style

    The functionality and simplicity of the interior will emphasize the dining group of natural wood. Simple-shaped pine products, coated with clear lacquer, will attract the attention with a natural structure. It is interesting to look at the tables with contrasting details: legs or just a tabletop covered with white paint.

    White linen tablecloths, wicker napkins, glass vases with wildflowers are emphasized. Designers offer to complete the dining group with different products: a white oval table on four legs and chairs made of dark wood shades.

    An interesting idea - to the gray table to pick up the same chairs, painted with different colors (white, dark blue). Or the headset is complemented by chairs of the same color but different shapes.

    Scandinavian style

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    Moderation and elegance of the classical style will never lose relevance. Solid furniture radiates well-being, stability and luxury. An oval table made of natural wood, richly decorated with carvings and wrought iron elements creates a festive atmosphere.. The set of table and chairs looks incredibly harmonious, proportionally.

    The dominant palette is natural monochromatic pastel colors (beige, coffee with milk, white, pale green, wood-brown), elegantly combined with natural texture. Completely white kitchen looks sophisticated and oval table in beige, brown shades will be the accent of the interior.

    A common variant of the classic kitchen is furniture made of expensive woods (oak, walnut, beech, ash), lacquered. Common tones - nut, milk chocolate, the color of black coffee. The oval table with carved elements is the main decoration of the kitchen.