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Table setting for dinner is an important step that cannot be ignored, the main thing is to turn on the imagination.


Why do you need serving

The concept of "serving" came to us from France - a country known for dictating the rules of style and etiquette. If we translate the word literally, we get "the preparation of the table and the necessary items for the meal." Some people think that serving is a matter of people from high society, and the average average person has no time and no need to waste time on it.

Cooking a table for dinner

Why do you need serving for dinner? Here are just some of the main factors:

  1. Aesthetic satisfaction. That's the way people are, that they always want everything to be "beautiful." Sometimes we even unconsciously take some action to surround ourselves with things that are pleasing to the eye. When the whole family is going to a weekend over lunch or is having an official meal with business partners, or any holidays are celebrated, all this is an occasion to devote time to serving.
  2. Practicality. In some families, in which it is not customary to especially prepare for dinner, someone has to run all the time for the right things. One will need another spoon, the other will not want to drink compote from a small glass, the third will ask for a supplement. When the table is qualitatively served, everything is in its place and everyone can enjoy a meal, pleasantly communicating with each other, while not thinking that something is missing.
  3. Benefits for the stomach. It may sound strange, but scientists have long proved the fact that a beautifully laid table, and especially if it is complemented by a pleasant company, has a positive effect on appetite. A cozy atmosphere is not created by itself, for this you need to make an effort. And paying proper attention to serving is a great way to do it.

Positive effect on appetite

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The tablecloth on the dining table should not be oilcloth, an option is a fabric, preferably cotton. Oilcloth is designed for the kitchen, it is well suited for cooking, because with it you can easily wipe garbage and water. To use it for serving the dining table is not aesthetically pleasing.

It is better to choose cloth tablecloths

As for the colors, in no case should the tablecloth be knit, look sloppy and attract undue attention. The main attributes of any table, which immediately catches the guests in the eye, are cooked dishes. It is best to choose a tablecloth of light, neutral tones, for example, beige, but it is also necessary to take into account the color of the tableware.

Choose a tablecloth of neutral colors

It is important to pay attention to the preparation of the tablecloth: it must be washed and ironed so that in any place there are no folds or creases. Also, it should fit the size, the edges can hang down only to the level of the seats of the chairs, no less. In the corners it should go down along the legs, evenly on each side.

It should go down the corners.

If there is even a small spot on the tablecloth that does not wash off or a hole, in no case should you lay it on the table. Such small change can spoil the overall impression guests from dinner. back to menu ↑


Placing the plates plays an important role in providing guests with comfort. Which ones to place exactly depends primarily on the prepared dishes.

It is important to choose which dish you need.

The main rule when choosing the number of plates and their type is as follows: there should be so many of them that you don’t need to eat two dishes from one dish and one plate and they should be such that food can be easily applied and recruited into the devices.
  • The first plate is used for decoration and serves as a stand. It is not for eating and should be the right size. The area of ​​the table, which falls on one person, according to the standards is 80 cm, so the plate-stand should be placed exactly in the middle of this gap.

The first plate serves as a stand

  • A plate for the second dish is placed on top, and for the first one on top. This is a classic scheme, since almost any lunch menu involves a liquid dish and the main one. If only the second dish is served, then the option to put both plates disappears.
  • On the left near the top a plate for bread is placed. It is called "Pirozhkovaya" and is used throughout the entire meal in order to put any bakery products on it.

Plates for bakery products

  • Deciding whether to use dining and snack plates, as well as their number, you need to proceed from the menu. If the appetizer is served in a dish that is designed to eat straight from it, you do not need to put these plates. If a cold or hot snack is prepared in the form of, for example, a salad, then you will have to prepare an additional plate.

We put a plate for salad

After all the plates are prepared, you can proceed to the preparation of the remaining devices that will be needed for lunch.

When placing the stand and the rest of the top, you need to remember about security. The minimum distance to the edge should be at least 2-3 cm.

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  1. Forks are laid out to the left of the plate, strictly teeth up. How many of them will be, and what they will look like, depends on the dishes. The principle of laying out forks is simple: right to left, in order of use. For example, the closest to the plate will be a fork for the second (it is eaten first), there will be snack bars nearby, and further dessert ones.
  2. Knives and spoons are laid out on the same principle as the forks, but already to the right of the plates. It is important that all the knives "look" in one direction - to the plate. Closer to the plate laid out knives, and behind them spoons.

Forks laid out to the left of the plate

There are also separate rules for the supply of appliances with spices. The salt shaker must be filled to 1/3, and the pepperbox to ½, the container of mustard can be filled to the edge, with her spoon is always served. All liquid spices, olive oil, vinegar and others, are served in small sized bottles (usually 100-150 ml).

Do not forget about the spices on the table

Sauce bowls can be of different shapes and volumes, when serving, it is important to take care that the sauce is easy to type, and at the same time it does not stand open, so as not to wear down. Both spices and saucepans should be centered. They must be in such quantity that everyone can reach the desired item.

Serving the sauce to the table

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Beautiful glasses always look luxurious and give the atmosphere at the dinner a special chic. The main glass, which must necessarily be present, is one that is designed for water. It is placed above the knives, about 7 cm above.

Glasses are set as necessary

The remaining glasses are set based on the scheduled drinks. Closer to the first is a glass of juice (or compote), followed by wine. Even if you think that a guest will not drink, such as wine, you must supply the same amount of equipment for each person. This will avoid uncomfortable moments and will not put the guests in an awkward position.

We put all the same number of glasses

If children are present at the table, they are allowed to put separate glasses for juices, they can be painted or decorated with age-appropriate drawings. In all other cases it is recommended to use the same glasses, the same color, pattern and size for all guests.

Alcohol is rarely used at dinner, except for wine. However, if the event implies the presence of other stronger drinks, glasses and other dishes may be put up, depending on the choice of alcohol. They are put behind the main glasses.

Expose according to alcohol

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Using paper napkins when serving dinner is a sign of bad taste. They look appropriate when eating street food or when you eat without guests, for example, herring. When a beautiful, and even more festive, is covered, cloth napkins must be present on it.

It is better to use cloth napkins

The main thing with which napkins should be combined is a tablecloth. There are many ways to lay them out in an original way, so simple envelopes or convolutions are considered to be classic versions. It is important to count them so that no guest is left without a napkin.

A variety of choices how to file

An important role is played by coasters, which can have different forms and decor, which looks beautiful and rich. In no case do not put the napkins in a transparent glass, it is also not recommended to use ordinary plastic coasters.

We make out in the form of an envelope

The focus is on clean wipes: they must be clean and ironed. If they are used for a long time, it is quite possible the formation of scuffs, such copies must be replaced. It is assumed that guests will use cloth napkins in order to cover their knees, and, therefore, they must look decent so that they can be safely applied to their clothes.

Clean filing is very important.

It is best to arrange cloth napkins so that on each plate lay alone. Thanks to this, it will be easy not to miscalculate and the guests will immediately see that you can not think about the risk of dirty clothes. Return to the menu

Decor and decoration

The simplest, but at the same time, way to decorate the dinner is to put a bunch of flowers in the center. It should not be a huge bouquet, because nothing should distract attention from the dishes, and guests should see each other well. Therefore, it is better to use the composition of a small size, which looks stylish and aesthetically pleasing, and also fits into the overall design, especially in color.

Flowers will not be superfluous

A good rule for determining the permissible height of the bouquet: it should not be larger than the highest glass that stands.

Also themed decorations look stylish, they are appropriate to use when dinner is timed to a holiday. For example, for Christmas, which in our area is considered a family holiday, you can arrange angel figurines. It is important to ensure that not one element does not interfere with the use and transfer of dishes.

We decorate according to

Candles are an excellent decor, which are used not so much for lighting as for creating a cozy atmosphere. Such a warm atmosphere will have guests to communicate, and not necessarily all of them light, beautiful candles can be just a decoration.

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General rules

  • The best option to make a bad impression of dinner is to use untidy dishes. Therefore, it is important to check each device several times in order to eliminate any streaks and other dirt that may even remain from ordinary water.

We review all the dishes before serving

  • It is best to use sets of dishes, rather than any individual instances that differ in appearance. If this is not possible, you can take several different sets, but pick them so that they harmoniously combined together.
  • Chairs should be slightly extended so that guests can easily sit on them. The optimal distance is 40-50 cm from the edge. If appropriate, the chairs can be decorated with a fabric that blends with the tablecloth. If it is sewn to order, you can immediately take care of it.

We decorate the chairs with a cloth

  • If at the end of the dinner tea or coffee is assumed, it is important to prepare the dishes for them in advance, but not to put it right away. It should be close so that, as soon as it is needed, the hostess can quickly expose them.
  • Drinks should be located from different ends, and if they are in a single quantity, then in the middle. Water, juice and compote are served in jugs. Wine and champagne are put on a hundred pre-uncorked, but this should be done at the very end of the preparation, before the arrival of the guests, so that the drinks do not disappear.

Beautiful serving of alcoholic beverages