Neoclassicism in the interior: Regal situation framed by the latest technology (340 + Photo)


Neoclassicism in the interior is the decision to combine traditional ideas about antique furniture in combination with design innovations. Choose a kitchen, living room, bedroom or bathroom design in this style, and you will immediately see the result. Consider the main features and you will succeed. Everything in more detail later in the article.

Content of this article:

  • Key features
  • In the interior of the kitchen
  • Living room
  • Recommendations on the situation
  • Bedroom
  • Bathroom
  • Doors
  • Wallpaper
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  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 340 photos)
  • Key features
  • In the interior of the kitchen
  • Living room
  • Bedroom
  • Bathroom
  • Doors
  • Wallpaper
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 340 photos)
  • Key features

    If you want to arrange an apartment in the neoclassical style, you should spend significant financial savings. Expensive furniture sets, along with luxury floor and wall cladding, create the impression of a house of aristocrats with a touch of minimalism. The aesthetes will be delighted with the abundance of straight lines and the lack of desire for pompousness. Thoughtful owners once spent on major repairs to the subsequent years to enjoy living among exclusive apartments.

    Lack of desire for pompousness

    Distinctive features of style:
    • Furniture sets are designed in strict, geometrically regular forms.
    • Choose natural finishing materials. Priority is given to products made of fine wood, marble, velvet and silk.
    • Use in interior design alcoves, columns, pilasters, cornices with stucco.
    • Pastel colors, no sharp contrasts. Calm dairy, ocher, nutty, white, caramel shades attract the eyes.
    • Elements of stone decor, forged interior details.

    Strict lines and features in the interior

    • Painted oil paintings. On the walls of the rooms hang tapestries.
    • From the classical techniques - gold, copper and bronze. Materials used in the decoration of stucco or furniture.
    • On the wallpaper, carpets and curtains are located floral patterns or images of forest creatures.
    • The use of large mirrors in the interior and the abundance of glass.
    • Persian carpets, wall clocks, expensive chandeliers and other lighting.

    Abundance of glass and mirrors

    If luxury furnishings are a thing of the past due to impracticality, then neoclassicism offers innovative techniques to be embedded in the designer furniture. It is recommended to start the design with one room apartment or a country mansion, to appreciate the benefits of living among the royal furnishings.

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    In the interior of the kitchen

    Neoclassicism suggests spacious rooms with high ceilings. If the dining room, kitchen and living room are small, then it is better to combine them into one room. Kitchen set in the center, picking up the rest of the furniture under it.

    Under the kitchen set we select the furniture

    It is a mistake to choose massive tables or chairs, “overload” the kitchen with statuettes, vases or decorative candlesticks. The pledge of a beautiful interior room - measure, proportion, space and airiness.
    Signs of the kitchen in the neoclassical style:
    • Dear set of valuable varieties of wood. Massive furniture composition successfully replace several high cabinets, painted in pastel colors. Facades and glass cabinets are required to arrange painted porcelain sets. Furniture sets in color should overlap with the main color of the room, the game on the contrast is inappropriate here.
    • Choose a geometric shape table: square, rectangle, or circle. Near him put the chairs with high backs. The upholstery of the chairs exactly repeats the material and pattern of the curtains.
    The upholstery of the chairs exactly repeats the material and pattern of the curtains.

    Choosing a geometric table

    • The floor is made of artificial stone, laminate, decking. Neoclassicism suggests using practical floorboard. Regarding color matching, they create a single interior composition.
    • Paper or textile wallpaper choose a low-key palette. Sometimes they are decorated with unobtrusive floral pattern.
    • Ceiling is whitened or covered with plaster. If finances allow, it is advisable to install a multi-level plasterboard structure.
    • In the center of the ceiling have a designer wrought-iron chandelier. The interior assumes an abundance of light, therefore, install wall and table lamps, floor lamps on bent legs.

    Discreet palette wallpaper

    When placing items into account the rule - the preservation of usable space in the room, without cluttering up with elaborate furniture. Excesses in the interior are considered bourgeois, they are inappropriate to create an aristocratic atmosphere.

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    Details are combined into a harmonious composition:
    • curtains of expensive fabrics, falling down in heavy folds;
    • cover with a cloth made from natural fabrics;
    • napkins repeat the color of the tablecloth;
    • vintage clock;
    • paintings, panels, tapestries;
    • eaves from a tree or metal with vegetable patterns.

    Curtains with folds of expensive fabrics

    Choose a functional household appliances in accordance with the color of the furniture. Perhaps a contrast solution, in harmony with the interior of the room.

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    Living room

    The desire for symmetry, respect for proportions, rectangular shapes - the characteristic features of neoclassicism in the interior of the living room. The situation is more suitable for a country mansion than for a small apartment. The spacious living room will allow to embody the designer's idea of ​​a rich interior, convenient for living.

    In the spacious living room you can realize the most unusual ideas.

    The living room becomes the focus of the house, it becomes the connecting element of the decor with the rest of the rooms. White stretch ceilings together with dark shiny parquet, wide plinth with ornate pattern, heavy curtains falling in folds are the obligatory attributes of the interior. Return to the menu

    Recommendations on the situation

    • In the large living room, all partitions are demolished, arches and columns are used for zoning.
    • Furniture made of ebony or mahogany, rosewood or oak. The set should not seem massive; the solution for neoclassicism is light furniture with carved legs.

    Often used mahogany furniture

    • The central part of the composition is the Persian carpet. Near it have two chairs and a chair. It is interesting to see a low sofa with an intricate pattern of leaves, a coffee or coffee table. At the end, on the sides expose the double bedside tables.
    • From the ceiling bells and droplets hanging multi-tiered chandelier. The lighting fixture blends magnificence and technology together, allowing you to see silver and gold-plated interior details.
    • Furniture is sheathed with expensive fabric in a pastel palette using a special "carriage screed" technique.

    The central accessory is a beautiful carpet.

    When sewing curtains need rectangular silk cloth. In the interior of the neoclassic, the semicircular lambrequin looks beautiful, allowing the material to fall down beautifully with free waves.

    Men will love the marble fireplace and the aristocratic secretary storing the working documentation. They are charmed by the soft light of candles in forged candlesticks, they are echoed by wall lamps.

    Lambrequins for typical classics

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    For the interior of the bedroom choose a neutral palette that adds room airiness. Adhere to the rules of zoning, that is, doorways are replaced with arches, decorated with columns and semi-columns with antique patterns. The number of household appliances is minimized.

    Neoclassicism involves trimming the ceiling with a stretch glossy or matte finish. You can paint it with a milky paint, pre-dividing the panels into rectangles.

    The floors are covered with parquet or project board, ceramic tiles. It is wrong to lay on the floors linoleum or carpet, which create a type of savings.

    The interior assumes the main role of illumination - the sun rays from large windows are complemented by soft artificial lighting.

    According to the neoclassical laws, a large crystal chandelier is hung in the center of the ceiling, and wall lights are installed at different levels of the walls in order to illuminate every object in the room. For floor lamps pick up expensive lampshades calm palette. The furniture is arranged symmetrically, paired chairs, bedside tables or poufs look interesting.

    Crystal chandelier hang on the center of the ceiling

    Furniture location:
    • The central part of the bedroom interior is left for a double rectangular bed made of precious wood. The decoration of the furniture will be hand-carved, choose floral patterns. It is possible to hang a canopy of heavy fabric over a sleeper. For obtyagivaniya headboard using silk or velvet. The bed is placed along the room, avoiding the transverse arrangement.
    • Bedside tables with lamps put on both sides of the headboard.
    • Near the bed put a dressing table with a pouf. A pouf with a table is selected for the interior, the use of contrasting colors is unacceptable.

    The bed is central

    • The rest of the furniture put along the walls. It is recommended to put a low sofa near the window, and surround the coffee table with chairs or armchairs. Choose the same color bedspreads, curtains and upholstery furniture.
    • High cabinets are placed separately or built in. Neoclassic offers to decorate the doors of the cabinets with mirror or glass surfaces.
    • Large window openings are covered with expensive curtains with lambrequins.
    • The center of the room is covered with a soft fleecy carpet.
    The idea of ​​the neoclassical interior is to make a mirror finish of the walls with floral patterns. One large mirror in a gilded frame will add airiness to the room, expand the room. Marble floors or walls made of natural stone will transform the bedroom.

    The mirror will add airiness to the room.

    The desire to decorate the bedroom in the interior of the neoclassic is thought out in detail. First make a list of comfortable furniture, are determined with materials for decoration and decorating. Excessive pomp will spoil the impression of the room, so they comply with the measure.

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    The bathroom meets the neoclassical interior: luxury plumbing, gold-plated taps, solid worktops, standard furniture with antique fittings. The spacious room involves the installation of a bathroom in the middle, and not embedding it between the three walls butt.

    Lots of space - more ideas.

    The compositional center is occupied by the bathroom:
    • Choose the round shape of the bath of a light tone. The white construction looks beautiful, but a model made of brass, cast iron or copper is considered a good choice.
    • Models with copper or gilded legs similar to lion's paws look aristocratic.
    • Neoclassicism assumes a spacious volumetric bath.
    • If desired, arrange a shower stall in the corner of the room. Fitted antique booths decorated with brass or bronze details.
    • The top of the chest is used to install a hidden sink.
    • Above the sink hang one or more mirrors in thin frames. The shape of the frame is rounded, without sharp corners.
    • Lamps are placed point. The base of the instruments is metal, and the ceiling lamps are made of plain or frosted glass.

    Look good models with copper or gilded legs like lion's paws.

    In the interior of the neoclassic, the walls and floor are sheathed with ceramic tiles. It is advisable to stay on pastel colors with antique patterns.

    Advantages of the tile:
    • wash off stains;
    • dries quickly;
    • prevents the development of mold.

    For long-term operation, the joints are rubbed over with a hermetic solution.

    Often use additional lighting in the form of candelabra

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    They will tie the elements of the interior together into a neoclassical door. They are made according to a special order for the style of the rooms, considering the combination with the rest of the furniture.

    Standard neoclassical doors:

    • For the manufacture of using an array of natural wood or veneer for pasting structures. Dear models will be the "highlight" of the neoclassical interior.
    • Doors are made of strictly rectangular shape.
    • Choose a model of pastel colors to visually expand the space. If monochrome doors seem boring, then the interior of the neoclassic allows you to use the transition from light to dark tone to the bottom of the canvas.
    • Symmetrically place the elements of decoration.
    • Minimum number of parts.

    Doors in the strict form of neoclassical

    Doors between rooms can be lost among the aristocratic neoclassical setting. Advantageous combination with the furniture of a muted palette, simple lamps and light walls.

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    Neoclassicism manifests itself in the design of the walls. The walls are divided into upper and lower parts to create a rich environment. The transition between them is indicated by a ribbon of coffee tone wallpaper:

    • The upper sections of the wall are covered with monochrome wallpaper of milky, sandy, dusty pink, blue, cream, golden brown.
    • For decorating the lower sections they use wallpaper of muted tones with floral motifs. Wood panels or plaster can also be shaded walls.

    Gentle and neutral tones of wallpaper

    Beautifully look wallpaper with a glossy surface, enhancing the glow of lighting. Sparks of mother of pearl will present the pomp of the room. Use for sticking wallpaper with unobtrusive patterns on canvas pastel color. Visually "raise" low ceilings wallpaper with wide vertical stripes.

    Unobtrusive and light patterns

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