Arches of drywall do-it-yourself (+210 Photo). Design of interior and door arches


Architects of antiquity often used arches. The majestic portal of the gate of the goddess Ishtar in Babylon, arched passageways, and reinforcement belts of Rome and Greece have survived to our time. This form perfectly supports mounted structures. In contrast to the past, the drywall arch has a decorative function. How quickly can you change and decorate the interior? Everything is more detailed later in the article.


  • Features and a variety of interior arches
  • Decoration materials and colors
  • Connection of different rooms
  • Division of space
  • Decorative items
  • Connection with spotlights and decorative lights
  • PHOTO GALLERY: The most beautiful arches in a modern interior
  • Features and a variety of interior arches

    It is interesting for us how with the help of drywall constructions you can quickly change the appearance of the rooms, their sizes, “let the air in” into the room, remove extra doors and walls. What functions do constructions:

    • for zoning large rooms;
    • decorating the doorway;
    • to combine the two rooms;
    • visually raise ceilings and add "softness" to the interior;
    • blind options are the backdrop for decorative elements.

    "Let" the air in the room

    If the door makes it difficult to place furniture conveniently or interferes with convenient movement, the arched passage becomes an option for the room.

    The main forms of arches for different directions:

    The formStyle
    PortalDirect form gives a strict elegance. It is enough to make decorative elements of the frame of the doorway and the task of changing the room is done.
    RomanHistorically, the classic version requires a high ceiling height. The semicircular shape is complemented by basic elements: columns, semi-columns with capitals, rods.
    ThaiDiffers asymmetric form. One side remains straight, the second has any plastic form: semicircular, elliptical, with different shelves and small openings.
    English (British)The laconic, truncated arc of the arch emphasizes the pedantry of this interior. Corresponds to the modern style. Corners are decorated with classic volutes.
    EllipseDifferent forms of a semicircle, oval change the room. Used in rooms of small height. This form visually raises the ceiling.
    Russian (Slavic)The rectangular shape has small rounded corners in the upper part. The portal is decorated with wide platbands painted or carved.
    TransomThe best way to connect the door (you can double) and an arched span. The main part is decorated with corrugated glass or stained-glass pattern, which should correspond to the style of the interior.
    TrapezoidalFast arch option. Decorative elements are closed upper corners of the passage or doorway.

    Thai with asymmetrical shape

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    Decoration materials and colors

    The element is universal: you can use different decorative materials. Depending on the general decoration of the premises, it is used: colored paint, textured plaster, wallpaper, wood, finished decorative panels (MDF), stucco (plaster, polyurethane), natural and artificial stone.

    Wooden arch in your house

    Depending on the assigned functions, the arch is decorated in the color of the walls or becomes a color “interior spot”. It may be a darker shade or bright color to create a sign accent.

    Focus on the arch in the living room

    On the drywall are well glued and applied the above options. Proper installation of the entire structure ensures ease of production of these works. In order to decorate the decorative materials ideally, plasterboard is primed, puttied with construction mixtures.

    Arch finished with stone material

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    Connection of different rooms

    The fashion for open spaces is gaining popularity. The owners of apartments, houses ruthlessly clean the walls. After that, the question is how to divide the room into functional zones?

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    Living room + corridor

    Decorating the archway between the living room and the corridor gives the room a touch of elegance or classical fundamentality. The premises radically change their appearance. For the image it is not necessary to use expensive wood, natural stone.

    The perfect solution between the living room and the corridor

    Currently, construction companies produce wallpaper, artificial stone, which mimic real materials. Simple options help beat any chosen style. Owners use a minimum of financial investments. Decorating the two rooms colors and architectural styles should be in harmony.

    View "portal" between the living room and the corridor

    If multi-level plasterboard structures (including with stretch ceilings) are used for decorating the ceiling, the arched opening is located from the lower level of the structure.

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    Living room + kitchen

    The arches between these rooms perform a decorative and utilitarian function: they decorate the opening, define the boundaries of zoning, facilitate movement, allow rationally to place the dining room group, the work unit and the resting place.

    Decorative between the living room and kitchen

    Comfortable, stylish, but at the same time problematic combination: if you do not install a powerful hood in the kitchen area, then all the smells will spread throughout the common room.

    For space between rooms

    To visually combine two rooms of different functions, they construct several arches of similar shape (they may be different in size). Their beauty is emphasized by columns, pilasters, pylons. If classical and neoclassical styles are used, stucco molding will be appropriate. For styles, there are enough laconic options decorated with material 2-3 tones more saturated (darker, brighter) than the main finish.

    Wonderful opportunity to beat bar counter that combines two rooms. The design has shelves for glasses and dishes. The base of the rack becomes an additional place to store kitchen appliances and utensils.

    Bar counter that combines two rooms

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    Corridor + kitchen

    Option to increase the room. Such an association allows you to rationally organize work on small kitchens. The arch connects with the table, which continues the work surface and becomes an additional storage place for kitchen utensils.

    The arch is able to increase the space

    As for the previous version, it is necessary to select materials that are easy to use, which wash well and do not absorb odors: plastic panels, stone (natural and artificial), washing, vinyl Wallpaper, metal elements.

    Choose materials to use

    Kitchen furniture is faster than the other, fails (too intensively exploited), and the fashion for such items is constantly changing. Drywall arches are more long-term designs. Do not use complex elements: gilded stucco, metal forging, stained glass. They are suitable not for all directions.

    Choose an arch without complex elements

    Fans of culinary delights and their preparation can be fixed at the top of the shutters, which are lowered during cooking. Thanks to this, odors do not penetrate into other rooms.

    Sliding designs instead of doors

    Choose a base color to match the facades of the kitchen - harmony and stylish interconnection of the rooms are guaranteed.

    For those who decided to combine the kitchen with other rooms, it should be kept in perfect cleanliness, because not washed dishes and dirty work tables will not be a decoration for the whole interior, but will be viewed from different rooms.

    Think over all the nuances when combining rooms

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    Combining a living room with a balcony

    Such a combination increases the room to 3 m². Since the sub-window unit cannot be dismantled (the requirement of technical supervision), it can be beaten up: make an arch, and instead of a window sill install a decorative tabletop.

    Interesting design solution to increase the space

    Why apply? It provides a smooth transition between rooms. In this case, the insulation of the balcony block is made, reinforced double-glazed windows are installed, electric heating (floors or electric convectors). This room is used to organize a study, a playroom for children, an intimate place of relaxation, for tea drinking or solitude with your favorite gadgets.

    A cozy place to read

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    Bedroom + Loggia

    It is difficult to organize a separate office in a standard apartment. Union bedrooms with loggia allows you to organize a work area. On the one hand, less effort is made to warm the room than in the case of a balcony. On the other hand, there is an easy access to the working mini-zone. The third advantage is that the natural lighting of the room is improved.

    Bedroom with work space

    Lovers flowers organize a winter garden. By regulating the temperature regime by electric heating, conditions are provided for tropical plants or flowers that withstand cooler "weather."

    Advantage: from 3.8 to 7 m² of additional space can be added to the standard size. Unlike balconies, loggias are included in the living space of apartments, therefore central heating communications can be laid in these rooms.

    Space for work and recreation in the same room

    In the rest room you must have a door. It provides peace and good rest. But you can enter into the interior arch. Apply a deaf headboard. You can place decorative elements in it: vases, paintings, favorite souvenirs. Return to the menu

    Toilet + bathroom

    Do not be surprised. Often, removing the wall between these rooms, the owners understand that they hurried. A semi-mark that starts from the ceiling and goes to the wall helps to hide the ventilation ducts and pipes, electrical wires for point and other fixtures.

    It creates the illusion of separation of space and does not take up much space. It can be added up to 20 cm wide with a shelf of the same size and a height of 1 - 1.2 m. It is used to place toiletries and decorative objects (figurines, candles).

    Moroccan style in the interior of the bathroom with an arch

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    If you need to correct the shortcomings of the corridors - the arches act as masking elements. Evenly located under the ceiling, which are connected with pilasters on the walls, they change the parameters of narrow corridors. They make them cozy and remove the feeling of a close corridor. Arched room openings "increase" the ceiling.

    Arch with pilasters in classic style

    We emphasize the temporary benefits. Installation of plasterboard fastest work on the construction of this element than from other materials: bricks, gas, etc.

    The fastest plasterboard installation

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    Division of space

    Often breaking partitions, the owners are lost in an empty room. Designers explain this from a psychological point of view: a person needs zoning to organize different periods of his life: eating, relaxing, socializing with friends, hobbies, work, creativity. Arches are becoming an option to identify such corners of a comfortable life.

    Do zoning in large interconnected areas.

    To determine the functional areas using different flooring, plasterboard ceiling construction, painting the walls, but the arches are the option of splitting combine. They create soft transitions, do not irritate the eyes, do not distract attention from the basic elements, which are the decoration of the room. But more importantly, they create indescribable comfort, since they have been used for thousands of years and are embedded in the genetic memory of our life.

    Highlighted areas using the floor

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    Decorative items

    For decorative items (vases, collection items, souvenirs) in the vertical parts create shelves or niches with lighting. They emphasize the attractiveness of decorative objects and create a soft background lighting. Shelves become a decoration in their own right if antique tiles, wood panels with exquisite carvings or metal forging are placed in the niche.

    Arch with decorative elements

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    Connection with spotlights and decorative lights

    The arch can be turned into a fantastic source of light. To such structures are fixed point, pendant lamps or LED strip. They create additional illumination of the bar, decorative elements, the whole room. It does not irritate the eyes and create a "soft" glow.

    Lights for the bar in the kitchen and living room

    Various shapes to personalize the rooms

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