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Interior design with gray wallpaper (140+ Photos): General rules for selection and combination


Wallpapers in a gray shade visually expand the space, create a non-marking interior for the kitchen, hallway, living room and bedroom.


Rules for the design of various rooms wallpaper gray tint

The absence of a pronounced color temperature and the variety of shades make it easy to combine gray coverings with bright textiles, to bring a brighter or neutral color scheme to the room. Depending on the saturation of tone, graphite wallpaper can be used as a background for bright paintings, mirrors, stucco, or to be a central element in the design of "empty" walls.

Gray is not boring

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Entrance hall

Most new buildings have narrow rectangular miniature hallways without additional sources of natural light. Interior design with a bright graphite visual shade of the visual expands the space, and you need to use additional floor lamps and wall sconces to make the interior look more welcoming.

Texture. The interior is complemented by wallpaper with a pronounced relief, which visually aligns the walls, becoming a bright element of the decor of the room. For example, an imitation of textured plaster in combination with a small shimmer creates a retro style, combined with large accessories made of metal, natural wood.

Hallway decoration using photo

Material. The most simple to install and care - non-woven wallpaper or lightweight options based on textile fibers. This material creates the effect of "damask" wallpaper, gives the hallway comfort.Colors. Small rooms are decorated with monophonic materials, small patterns. For example, the geometric colors are combined with furniture of any style, allowing you to decorate the walls with miniature lamps.BoardThe combination of dark gray wallpaper with white or light gray furniture creates an interior in the Scandinavian style. Dark shades of natural wood are combined with pearl-gray wallpaper, dusty pink and gray-beige tone, form a vintage flavor.

Color gives the room a classic style.

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Living room

The interior design of the living room using textured wallpapers of this color in combination with bright curtains, massive crystal chandeliers, glazed wardrobes creates the style of the Empire style or art deco. Owners of small apartments with combined kitchen-living rooms decorate the room with light shades of wallpaper with a pronounced pattern.

Texture. The living room area usually allows you to choose a pronounced texture imitating natural fabric, marble or textured wood. Mirrors, floor lamps, coffee or coffee tables will help to complete the decor. Families with babies and pets choose non-marking canvases for painting in gray.

It is easy to combine gray cover with bright textiles.

Tint. The walls of the living room can be pasted over with deeper shades of gray: graphite, gray-green. Such an interior is colored with light textiles: bedspreads, curtains, carpets. Selecting colors for the living room, stop at more saturated shades of green, olive, which have the same intensity with the main tone.Ornament. The spacious living room will be decorated with large floral wallpaper and geometric patterns. The miniature lounge room is decorated with gray-white smooth-textured wallpaper.BoardThe combination of several types of wallpaper of a gray shade of zones the room of a hall on a zone for rest and reception of guests. For example, placing a sofa for guests and a TV in one half of the room, it can be decorated with neutral wallpaper. Bookshelves, a coffee table and chairs create an area for communication with guests, which draws a wall of rich gray color.

In the interior of the living room

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The kitchen room in a city apartment is used for cooking, relaxing and receiving guests. Coatings with a smooth texture in a gray tint make it possible to choose furniture in saturated colors, to comfortably place dimensional equipment, to combine several styles in one interior. Wallpaper for the kitchen should be easy to wash, to be resistant to chemicals and wet cleaning.

Texture. Smooth and dense surfaces of materials containing natural fibers look expensive, resistant to regular temperature extremes. Refinement to the interior will give relief to the wall covering, the presence of a fine shimmer or shine.

An interesting option for the kitchen

Material. Pasting the walls of the kitchen wallpaper with a high content of fiberglass will allow you to regularly clean the material without affecting the appearance. Ordinary non-woven materials are easy to install, but they are less tolerant of regular cleaning with aggressive detergents.Colors. Most of the kitchen walls are occupied by built-in furniture, an apron, dimensional appliances, so it is better to choose wallpaper to match the kitchen façade.BoardThe owners of white home appliances give the interior a saturation, combining lead and pearlescent hues with textiles of wine-colored, kitchen facades of beige, gray-steel shades. Dark asphalt shades require the installation of a powerful chandelier, lamps, built into the furniture housings.

Room restraint

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The bedroom is suitable for decoration rolls with a large pattern, pronounced texture and extra shine (shimmer, rhinestones, silk-screen printing). The decor of the bedroom is limited to a bed or a sofa, a wardrobe and bedside tables, so the walls are decorated with bright ornaments of large sizes.

Texture. The choice of cloths with a pronounced texture distracts attention from uneven walls, creates a more rich interior, combined with light upholstered furniture and a neutral shade of textiles. The cloth can imitate dense velvet fabric, natural fibers, often decorated with silk-screen printing.

Bright roses as a highlight of the interior

Material. The bedroom is finished with damask cloths, thick velor, felt, vinyl materials. The fuzzy texture muffles the sounds, creates a softer, more relaxing atmosphere in the room.Colors. Soft gradient transitions and contrasting colors enliven the interior, creating a more modern interior. Abstract, floral designs combined with textiles in vintage style, form the interior of Provence, vintage.BoardGeometric gray wallpapers imitating natural materials are combined with floors made of bleached oak and other light shades of wood. The gray-beige range of walls, decorated with posters with abstract drawings, forms a bright eclectic interior.

In the interior of the bedroom

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Choice of ornament

Monophonic wallpapers of light-graphite shades visually increase the space, combined with dark and light colors of textiles, furniture. For example, smooth transitions of a gray shade are carried out with the help of decorative plaster; it is easy to create a neutral gray wall with the help of thin paper canvases.

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Liquid wallpaper

Decorative plaster is suitable for decorating even walls in new buildings and country houses. The material imitates marble, standard plaster plaster, creates the effect of a pronounced texture on the walls. Liquid wallpaper tolerate daily cleaning with chemicals, wash well and visually level minor defects in the walls.

Provence style

The hue of liquid wallpaper is recommended to choose with small transitions. For example, the lower half of the walls are framed in a darker tone, the upper one in a gray-white shade with the addition of decor. Installation involves applying the finished mixture on the walls, so the picture can be created independently.

Drawing on liquid wallpaper is limited to the ornament, which is created with a figured spatula during installation. This design does not attract attention to the walls, goes well with bright decor and an abundance of additional lighting in the rooms.BoardCovering with liquid wallpaper creates a “cold” office interior, so it is recommended to decorate windows with lush curtains, to choose textured upholstery for furniture in the rooms. The covering is convenient for an interior of kitchen or a hall which are intensively used every day.

Modern style in the interior

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Wallpaper with a pattern

Traditional large floral ornaments draw attention to the walls, allow minimal use of accessories and additional lighting. The combination of graphite-colored wallpaper with a large pattern, white furniture and bright-colored textiles serves as a base for the interior of a small room.

  • Theme drawing. Floral ornaments look brighter, create a festive atmosphere in the room, combined with accessories in loft and Provence styles. Geometrical drawings require more massive accessories, create a laconic interior, visually expand the space.
  • The size of the picture. Large ornaments in the form of paintings or lithographs are combined with furniture and textiles of uniform colors, do not require installation of mirrors, paintings in massive baguettes and large clocks on the walls. As a rule, canvases with an extensive pattern are chosen for spacious rooms with a good level of illumination, a small amount of furniture and accessories.

Traditional large floral ornaments

  • The color scheme of the picture. The gray tone in combination with the colors of the warm gamut (yellow, red, green) creates a harmonious, intense interior. These combinations make the walls of living rooms, kitchens, spacious hallways with chandeliers. Dim designs that combine several shades of gray are used for more miniature rooms, an environment for daily rest and relaxation.
BoardRolls with a pattern chosen in the tone of textiles used for the decoration of the room: curtains, bedspreads, carpets, tablecloths. The second way to create a common style is to select a single theme of drawings made in different colors. Return to the menu

Solid colors

Covering walls with one shade of gray is used in a setting of miniature apartments, rooms with low illumination. Monochrome canvas is combined with an abundance of decorative elements on the walls: paintings, massive wall clocks, mirrors, installations.

  • Color selection. Saturation and color temperature should be slightly lower than that of the surrounding pieces of furniture, in which case the space will look larger. For example, gray-white wallpaper in combination with dark furniture create a strict Scandinavian interior, the abundance of metal elements forms the style of the loft.

Monochrome canvas combined with an abundance of decorative elements

  • The choice of texture. Monochrome canvases with a pronounced invoice mask insignificant defects of the walls, give the room sophistication. For example, wallpaper for painting, imitating cork or linen coating, are used in the interiors of living rooms, libraries, classrooms.
  • Dressing. You can diversify the design of the walls with the help of massive fillets of a lighter tone, large baseboards made of natural wood, installation of posters and mirrors on the surface of the wall.
The color temperature of plain wallpaper and furniture should be the same, creating a complete image of the entire room. For example, cold daylight lamps in combination with pearl-graphite colors are used for interiors in northern latitudes with low levels of natural light.

Monophonic option

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Color selection

The classic graphite tone requires the addition of lighting and accessories; it is used in stylized interiors that imitate a laconic design. Coating walls with a gray tone in combination with additional colors look more comfortable and colorful:

  • white;
  • beige;
  • brown;
  • pink.

Depending on the saturation of the primary color, the walls look more brightly or strictly, modern or vintage.

BoardRich colors of dark colors are used for decoration of living rooms and kitchens: an abundance of lighting creates a festive atmosphere. Small rooms, tightly cluttered with furniture and overloaded with accessories, are decorated with light tones: gray-beige, gray-white.

Stylish entrance hall

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Gray-white wallpaper in the interior

Cloth for decoration of rooms, kitchens and hallways of a small area, richly equipped with furniture and appliances. Cold colors require the addition of saturated colors with textiles, installation of lighting in tone.

  • Picture selection. More soft look ornaments imitating floral colors, lace. Gray-white canvas with photographs, geometric patterns, gradient fill create strict interiors, are used for the design of offices, libraries.
  • The choice of texture. Neutral colors allow you to choose a pronounced texture that mimics the fabric, wood, plaster.
  • Material selection. Gray-white shades are quite so-so, therefore it is recommended to pay attention to washable compositions made of fiberglass or non-woven base.

Gray White

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Dark gray

The material is used to stylize bright interiors, requires light-colored furniture, an abundance of decorative mirrors. Dark gray canvas draws the walls of kitchens, hallways, spacious living rooms. The pronounced color spectrum in combination with contrasting textiles (for example, in a green shade) and wall lamps is suitable for daily rest.

  • Picture selection. A rich tone suggests a small geometric or floral pattern that draws attention to the walls, combined with light-colored floor coverings, and an abundance of stucco on the ceiling.
  • The choice of texture. Small rooms are decorated with dark gray canvases with a smooth texture, imitation of bulk materials is appropriate for built-in furniture and spacious rooms.
  • Material selection. Dark gray scale is non-dark, so the material can be selected simple material: paper, textiles, cork tree.
BoardDark asphalt shades are combined with warm colors of furniture upholstery, floral ornaments in the room's setting will help to visually “insulate” the interior.

Dark version

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Gray beige

The popular “warm” wall design is suitable for owners of rosewood-colored furniture installed in small rooms. The shade of the walls is quite catchy, so the decorative elements are selected in tone.

  • Picture selection. The ornament on the gray-beige canvas is chosen large and noticeable, which gives the interior a touch of Provence style, vintage accessories complete the picture.
  • The choice of texture. The beige tone is combined with a pronounced texture and an abundance of additional decorations: laid moldings, glitter and rhinestones.
  • Material selection. Gray-beige tone is quite so-so, the wall covering is treated with protective wax or buy washable wallpaper.
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Gray Pink

The combination of colors, suggesting a festive interior living room, guest room or nursery. Depending on the design and material, such canvases can look more vividly and emphasize the palace interior, or have to relax.

  • Picture selection. Gray-pink color scheme looks optimal on floral ornaments, associated with ethnic styles: boho, African.
  • The choice of texture. Pink shade draws attention to the coating of the walls, so the texture is chosen clearly pronounced, create an imitation of damask cloths made of thick natural fabric.
  • Material selection. The combination of light colors is quite dashing, it is recommended to process the walls with protective coatings to preserve a pleasant appearance.
BoardThe combination of bright pearl-pink hues with a floral pattern and "aged" white furniture forms the interior in a classic Provence style. Geometric drawings look more strictly, with an abundance of metal decor create a room in the American style.

Classic, stylish bedroom

Neutral shade in combination with warm colors suitable for small spaces, forms interiors of Provence, Loft, Vintage styles.

Pearl wallpapers of light shades (gray-white, gray-beige) with small floral or geometric patterns expand the space, are combined with furniture of different shades and do not require the selection of complex accessories to match. Such materials are suitable for owners of small apartments interested in the visual expansion of the space. Wall coverings of more saturated colors with a large pattern are more complex materials for combination with furniture and decor; it is recommended to pre-select additional lighting and accessories.

Textured gray-white and gray-beige coatings "for painting" or with a small ornament are materials for wall decoration in hallways, kitchens, small living rooms and bedrooms.Posters, prints, lamps, clocks and mirrors on the walls will help to diversify the interior.